Dual Air/Water Penis Pump
Dual Air/Water Penis Pump

Dual Air/Water Penis Pump Save 29%

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Pump Mechanism: Manual

Pump Medium: Dual Air/Water

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The Dual Air/Water Penis Pump is the only pumping device available on the market that can use either air or water as the pumping medium. This dual functionality provides many benefits to the user in terms of comfort, pumping environment, and versatility.

Air and water both provide different benefits as pumping mediums, and having both options allows the user to experiment and test both mediums to see which he likes better. Water typically provides a more uniform and comfortable pumping experience, while air is faster and easier. The user can also perform his pumping exercises in the bathtub or shower for more privacy if he lives with others, while an air pump can only be used in dry environments. Overall, the dual air/water mediums provides the user with greater versatility and flexibility in his pumping program.


The Dual Air/Water Penis Pump is made of ABS plastic, stainless steel, polymerized rubber.

Dimensions & Specifications

Full Length: 10.2" Inches

Tube Length: 8.66" Inches

Tube Diameter: 2.25" Inches

Components/Features: Quick-Release Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Neck Strap, Silicone Sleeve


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