About Manual Penis Pumps

      Manually operated penis pumps are vacuum devices used by men to enlarge their penis, and achieve and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse.

      Types of Manual Pump Mechanisms

      Manual penis pumps work by squeezing or pulling a hand-operated mechanism like a pistol-trigger, handle, or ball/bulb to remove air from the cylinder and increase the pressure.

      Similarly, the manually-operated Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump is used by squeezing a ball/bulb or by pumping the device body in a plunger-like motion against your body to remove air and create suction.

      Manual Penis Pump Advantages

      Manual penis pumps offer many advantages to users that will enhance their pumping experience including:

      • Control: Manual penis pumps offer the user more control over the amount of suction applied to their penis by adjusting the pressure manually by squeezing the pump to increase pressure or releasing pressure by pressing the safety release button.
      • Feel: Manual penis pumps offer the user more feel and touch since they are manually controlling the pump and pressure with their hand rather than via an automatic electric mechanism. This means that as the user squeezes the bulb just a little bit, he can feel that little bit of increase in pressure.
      • Affordability: Manual penis pumps are generally more affordable than electric pumps since they require less expensive parts and less total parts.
      • Portability/Transportable: Similarly since manual penis pumps require less parts, they tend to be small than electric penis pumps.
      • Ease of Use: Manual penis pumps tend to be easier to use since they have less parts and don't require charging or batteries.
      • Safer: Manual penis pumps are generally viewed as being safer and better for beginners. Since manual pumps rely on the user's direct effort to create suction, there is less risk of overuse or excessive pressure being applied to the penis. Users are able to slowly and carefully increase the pressure in a manual penis pump to monitor the pressure more closely and go by how their penis feels to avoid unsafe conditions.
      • Quieter Operation: Manual penis pumps don't require an electric motor and therefore don't expend any electrical noise during operation leading to a quieter and more discreet operation for men who seek privacy.
      • Not Dependent On Power Source: You will never have to worry about running out of power or needing batteries to operate a manual penis pump. Occasionally with an electric penis pump you will be in the middle of a pumping session or just about to start and you realize you don't have any power and have to postpone your session.