Are Penis Pumps Safe? Penis Pump Safety for Penis Enlargement

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Black Man Wondering if Penis Pumps Are Safe To Use

Are penis pumps safe to use for penis enlargement?

The short answer: Yes, penis pumps are safe to use for most men, but there are some risks and concerns that can be mitigated with proper research and safety measures.

Penis pumps are one of the most commonly purchased and used devices for male enhancement.

Between 2006 and 2011, the US government's Medicare program paid out around $172.4 million for penis pumps to 476,000 men. From 2006 to 2011, the amount doubled going from $20.6 million in 2006 to $38.6 million in 2011. While the US government discontinued Medicare coverage of penis pumps in 2015, the popularity of penis pumps has only grown since then.

Here is the Reuter's article containing this data:

According to Google, "penis pump" is searched more than 135,000 times per month or more than 1.6 million times per year. This means that every 20 seconds, someone is Googling the term "penis pump".

Penis Pump Safety Features

Most high-end penis pumps will come equipped with essential safety features. These features help reduce or prevent hazardous conditions, improve accuracy and measurements, and enhance the user's comfort.

Quick-Release Safety Valve

A quick-release safety valve is a button you press to quickly and immediately release pressure in the penis pump cylinder. The button is normally touch-sensitive meaning if you press the button hard it will release all of the pressure immediately, and if you press the button lightly, it will release pressure according to the force of your touch.

Manual Air Penis Pump with Safety Valve Circled In Green

A quick-release safety valve is essential for a penis pump. If the user feels pain, discomfort, or just uncertainty, he can quickly and immediately release all pressure in the pump and stop the current exercise. This adds a level of reassurance to the user knowing there is this safeguard in place.

Ruler-Labeled Cylinders

Ruler-labeled cylinders are penis pumps that have ruler measurements directly on the cylinder. The ruler measurements can be either molded into the cylinder material via embossing, or printed onto the cylinder.

Clear Penis Pump Ruler-Labeled Cylinder

Ruler-labeled cylinders help the user measure the length of their penis during a penis pumping session. Measuring penis length during a pumping session allows the user to keep track of progress and safely maintain his pumped state at his desired lengths.

Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is a measurement tool on a penis pump that indicates the level of pressure or vacuum created inside the pump cylinder. Pressure gauges are normally either an analog dial or odometer, or a digital LCD screen that displays the pressure level.

Pressure Gauge on a Trigger Squeeze Penis Pump

Pressure gauges provide many safety benefits to the user including exercising more control over the pressure level, preventing excess pressure from building inside the cylinder, customizing pressure levels for greater comfort, and monitoring progress during a pumping session.

Penis Pump Sleeves

Penis pump sleeves are silicone or rubber covers that are wrapped around the opening of the penis pump cylinder that provide extra cushioning and enhance efficiency and hygiene. They are an important penis pump accessory for safe and hygienic pumping practices.

Penis pump sleeves are detachable and washable which allows the user to easily remove the sleeve after a pumping session to wash and sanitize it. They are also made of soft flexible materials like silicone and rubber which provides cushioning and greater comfort on the area contacted by the cylinder opening.

Penis Pump Safe Pressures

When using a penis pump, it's important to operate at safe pressure levels. While the purpose of penis pumping for enlargement is to create expansion in the penile shaft by using increased pressures, it should be done gradually and using caution.

Safe pressures can vary amongst different individuals according to their experience with penis pumping and their natural body. Always listen to your body and take things slow as penis pumping is a marathon and not a race.

Safe Pressure Levels / Beginner Pressure Levels

Whether you are just getting started with penis pumping, or have been pumping for a while and just want to pump at safe pressure levels, you should pump at low pressure levels such as:

Safe / Beginner Pressure Levels: 2-3 inHg / 7-10 kPa

This beginner pressure level of 2-3 inHg or 7-10 kPa is just a very light tug or pull on your penis and some men may not feel anything at all. These pressure levels are more to get you used to the feeling of having your penis in a pump under pressure and the gradual expansion it causes, rather than to produce any great enlargement results.

Intermediate Pressure Levels

After you have been pumping for a bit and feel comfortable with the beginner pressure levels, you may want to move up to intermediate pressure levels such as:

Intermediate Pressure Levels: 3-5 inHg / 10-17 kPa

This intermediate pressure level of 3-5 inHg or 10-17 kPa is a pretty strong, noticeable tug or pull on your penis, but will not lead to any discomfort at all for most men. This is a great pressure range to perform most of your penis pumping enlargement sessions in. It has a great balance of pressure/expansion while also maintaining a safe and manageable experience.

Advanced Pressure Levels

Most men can achieve penis enlargement by just pumping in the intermediate pressure levels. However, some men may want greater effects, larger temporary gains for pending sexual experiences, or may find that they need higher pressures to achieve the results they want.

Advanced Pressure Levels: 6+ inHg / 20+ kPa

Anything over 6 inHg or 20 kPa would be considered an advanced pressure level and should only be performed by men who have a lot of pumping experience and understand their bodies well.

These advanced pressure levels have a very strong tug or pull on the penis and in some cases may come with mild discomfort. It's recommended to stay in the intermediate pressure levels unless you know what you're doing.

Intermittent Pumping

There is also a pumping approach called "intermittent pumping" which is supposed to be excellent at producing gains and getting used to higher pressure levels.

During intermittent pumping, the user will maintain a low baseline pressure like 3 inHg / 10 kPa, and increase the pressure to higher levels but only for short periods of time throughout the session. This approach allows you to "shock" your penis with short spurts of increased tension and expansion without the sustained discomfort and risk of pumping at a high pressure for the entire session.

Penis Pumping Safety Hazards

While penis pumping can generally be done in a safe manner, there are potential hazards and risks associated with improper use or excessive pressure such as:

1. Bruising, Discomfort and Pain

Using a penis pump with excessive pressure or prolonged use can lead to bruising, discomfort, soreness, or pain. It's important to start with low pressure levels and gradually increase to avoid trauma. Even if you are an experienced pumper, it's still recommended to stay within safe and manageable pressure levels.

2. Burst Blood Vessels

Using a penis pump at high pressure levels may lead to burst blood vessels (hematoma). This can result in visible blood spots, discoloration and dark internal spots on the penis.

3. Edema or Swelling

Overpumping or using too much pressure may cause swelling (edema) of the penis. Edema can be uncomfortable and may take time to subside, resulting in your penis looking very puffed up. On the other hand, some men try to achieve edema during a pumping session as it gives them extra penis girth and length. The effects of edema on long-term growth are inconclusive in the penis pumping community, but in general a little bit of edema is not supposed to impact long-term enlargement gains.

4. Temporarily Decreased Sensations

Prolonged or intense penis pumping can lead to temporary numbness or decreased sensation. A little bit of desensitization is normal as you are exercising your penis, but if you find it uncomfortable or prolonged then you should modify your penis pumping routine.

5. Blisters or Skin Irritation

Friction or excessive pressure can cause blistering or skin irritation. This risk can be mitigated by using proper lubrication and monitoring pressure levels.

6. Injury to Erectile Tissues

Using a penis pump at high pressures for sustained periods of time may cause injury to erectile tissues. It's crucial to stay within safe pressure ranges to avoid damage to the delicate tissues of the penis.

7. Scrotal Injury

Inadequate sealing or improper placement of the penis pump cylinder may lead to scrotal injury if the scrotum is pulled into the chamber. Careful application and positioning are necessary.

8. Risk for Men with Medical Conditions

People with certain medical conditions, such as blood clotting disorders, may be at an increased risk of complications. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advisable.

9. Infections

Poor hygiene or using a pump with inadequate cleaning may lead to infections. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the pump are essential. Use of penis pump sleeves that can be removed, washed, and sanitized are recommended.

Penis Pump Safety Conclusion

Millions of men around the world use penis pumps regularly to help treat erectile dysfunction and enlarge their penises.

If done gradually and safely, penis pumping can be enjoyable and successful for many men who want to improve their sex lives and confidence.

If a man engages in penis pumping following the safety precautions listed above, the worst case scenario hazards are quite unlikely, while the potential gains are life-changing.

As long as you utilize the safety features listed above and pump at safe pressure levels, the sky is the limit for you and your penis enlargement journey.

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