About Penis Pump Accessories

      Penis pump accessories consist of supplementary items and products besides the actual penis pump devices themselves.

      This includes sleeve covers to wrap the opening of the penis pump like silicone sleeves, rubber sleeves, and hygienic sleeve covers, cock rings that wrap around the base of the penis to maintain an erection and cement enlargement gains like constriction rings and constriction bands, personal lubricants, heating pads to facilitate safe and efficient pumping, penis pump cleaning supplies, attachments, extras, add-ons, functional pieces, and cases for penis pumps.

      A typical penis pump has two (2) main components: a chamber which is a cylindrical tube used to encompass the penis, and a pumping device that is used to remove air from the chamber. Anything else besides these two (2) main components would be considered an accessory.

      Penis Pump Accessory Purposes

      Penis pump accessories serve to enhance the functionality, convenience, comfort, effectiveness and hygiene of a penis pump device.

      Accessories such thick cushioned sleeve covers can be added to the opening of the pump's cylinder to provide a more comfortable and secure fit during a pumping session. Additionally, a sleeve cover utilizes a narrow hole opening to prevent air leakage and to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the pumping session.

      Cock rings, otherwise known as constriction rings or bands, are used to facilitate growth by maintaining the penis in an engorged and enlarged state after a pumping session. Cock rings also help men with erectile dysfunction maintain an erection for sexual intercourse.

      Personal lubricants and gels enhance the functionality and effectiveness of a penis pump by creating an adhesive between the cylinder and your body, to prevent air leakage and increase efficiency of the pumping session.

      Other penis pump accessories include neck straps to hold and stabilize the penis pump for hands-free operation, attachable vibrators to aid in getting and maintaining an erection in the pump for optimal expansion, brushes and disinfectants to clean and sanitize the device after use, and carrying cases to store and transport your penis pump device.

      Penis Pump Accessory Materials

      Penis pump accessories can be split into a few different categories which contain products made of different materials.

      Penis pump sleeve covers which function as a removable, hygienic comfort layer are made from soft flexible materials like medical grade silicone or thermoplastic rubber to provide malleability and comfort to the user.

      Penis pump cock rings or constriction bands which help users maintain an erection after a pumping session are also made from soft and skin-safe materials like medical grade silicone.

      Personal lubricants which are used to increase attachment during a penis pump session or to reduce dryness during sexual intercourse are made from purified water, Hyaluronic acid, and propylene glycol. 

      Types of Penis Pump Accessories

      Penis pump accessories is a broad category used to encompass multiple products that supplement a penis pump device. Penis pump accessories include:

      1. Penis Pump Sleeves: also known as covers or guards, penis pump sleeves are a soft flexible liner that you place over the opening of the penis pump cylinder to improve comfort, cleanliness, and efficiency.
      2. Penis Pump Cock Rings: also known as constriction rings, constriction bands, or erectile dysfunction rings - cock rings are soft flexible round loops that you place around the base of your penis after a penis pump session to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse or to cement penis enlargement gains.
      3. Penis Pump Personal Lubricants: also known as sex lube or gel, personal lubricants are an important accessory for penis enlargement through pumping and for general sexual or intimate activities. It comes in either a water-based or oil-based form and can come as a gel or liquid. Personal gel lubricants can be used to create greater stickiness and attachment between the penis pump sleeve and the user's body which enhances efficiency and performance.

      Penis Pump Accessories for Comfort

      Increased comfort is an extremely important factor for men doing penis pumping. If the penis pump or the act of pumping is uncomfortable or causes pain, then the user will undoubtedly not want to continue.

      Some pumping accessories were designed to enhance comfort during a pumping session due to their soft materials, soothing heat, or lubricating abilities.

      Penis pump sleeves are one of the best accessories that directly enhance comfort during a session, acting as a soft cushiony barrier between the pelvic area of your body and the rigid lip opening of the penis pump. Penis pump sleeves are made is a flexible squishy silicone material that absorbs the pressure of the pump and makes the pumping experience more comfortable.

      Heating pads are another great pumping accessory that add a warm soothing temperature to the chamber and make the pumping experience more comfortable. Heating pads focus their benefits to your actual penis by increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles. These same heating benefits can be obtained by using a water penis pump filled with warm to hot water.

      Lastly, personal lubricants or sex lube are a great accessory to use for enhance comfort. The main purpose of lubricant is to increase slipperiness which reduces friction, chaffing and discomfort during a pumping session. It's best to lubricate your penis before entering the pump chamber so it engages and disengages easily with the pump.

      Do You Need Penis Pump Accessories?

      Penis pump accessories are not required, but can be very beneficial for pumpers who want to enhance the efficiency, comfort, safety, and effectiveness of their penis enlargement program.

      Most penis pumps will come with the bare minimum of what's needed to start a successful penis pumping program: a pump device, a cylinder, and most sets come with a silicone sleeve. Beyond these initial components no other accessory is required, but can greatly improve your results and experience.