Does Size Matter? The Importance of Penis Size

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Does size matter?

That's the million dollar question on every man's mind.

The short answer is: it depends.

I know you don't want to hear that, and it might be surprising coming from a brand that studies and sells penis pumps to enlarge one's penis, but that's the truth.

The truth is, that it really does depend on a handful of factors such as:

  1. Does size matter for what? For intimacy with your significant other?
  2. Does size matter for physical pleasure?
  3. What is your current size?
  4. Who is your partner?
  5. What is your relationship with your partner? Is it a one-night stand or a long term relationship?
  6. Does your size impact your sexual confidence and relationships?
  7. Does your size impact other areas of your life besides your sex life?
  8. Does size matter to you?

1. Does Size Matter For Intimacy?

Do you need a larger penis in order to reach the closest and deepest levels of intimacy with your girlfriend or significant other?

No, in general you do not need a larger penis for a true intimate connection with another person.

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Intimacy is a close, familiar, affectionate connection that exists on multiple levels between two people. It comprises emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual closeness, and the quality and quantity of each type of closeness is dependent on your connection with the other person.

If your girlfriend is with you because she loves you for who you are, then it makes complete sense that you do not need a larger penis in order to have close intimacy with her, since she loves you the way you are.

With all of that being said, the sexual connection between two people is not only an aspect of intimacy, but many people would argue it is a very important one. Sexual intimacy can be a very powerful and biological bonding experience between two people that deepens their relationship and intimacy.

So is a larger penis necessary for the most fulfilling sexual connection with a partner? In this case, while it's still not necessary, having a larger penis can definitely deepen the sexual connection between two people and hence their intimate connection.

So should you do penis enlargement via a penis pump to deepen the sexual connection with your partner, and hence enhance the intimacy? If the sexual and physical component of your relationship is important to you and your partner, then exploring penis enlargement via a penis pump is a good option.

Your exact starting size doesn't really matter. The point is that you will be enhancing yourself beyond whatever your starting size was and this will change your sexual and intimate connection with your partner.

You will be giving more to your partner. Growing your penis will allow you to be "fuller" and have literally a deeper and more physical sexual connection with your partner.

Again, is a larger penis necessary for a true intimate connection? No.

But is a larger penis necessary for the most fulfilling sexual connection with a partner? While it's not necessary, it will definitely provide you with a deeper and more fulfilling sexual connection with them.

2. Does Penis Size Matter For Physical Pleasure?

Do you need a larger penis to give a girl greater physical and sexual pleasure during sex?

Will having a larger penis give you greater physical pleasure during sex?

The answer to both of these questions is in general yes. Having a larger penis will give both you and the girl you're with greater physical pleasure during sex.

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In general, if you are anywhere from very below average to above average, having a larger penis will give you and the girl you're with greater physical and sexual pleasure during sex. If you already have a large penis, then increasing the size of your penis size could actually decrease physical pleasure and make it uncomfortable or even painful for the girl.

Physical pleasure is mainly measured by sensory stimulation, as well as the release of neurotransmitters and hormones during sex. By increasing the size of your penis, you are giving greater sensory stimulation to the girl due to the larger surface area being contacted as well as a greater feeling of "fullness" that many girls prefer.

Imagine getting a massage on your back, and the masseuse only massages you in one small area the size of a baseball. That would feel good, but it would feel much better if the masseuse massaged your entire back because more surface area is being contacted and you are receiving more sensory stimulation and sensations.

That same logic is the reason why having a larger penis will increase the physical pleasure of the girl and for you.

With that being said, sexual and physical pleasure can be obtained from other ways besides just having a larger penis.

"It's not the size of the boat; it's the motion in the ocean" is a common phrase highlighting that the size of your penis doesn't matter, as much as the way you use it.

Women can also be sexually stimulated by things like foreplay, touching her breasts, nipples, clit, and erogenous areas, and psychological stimulation.

However one thing is for sure: having a larger penis will definitely not hurt your ability to give a girl pleasure, and can enhance your abilities.

If you are able to provide psychological stimulation, perform foreplay and focus on her sensitive areas, able to use your penis well during sex AND you have a larger penis, that will only make the sexual experience better for her.

Similarly, having a larger penis will also make sex more physically pleasurable for you.

Why? To be blunt, when your penis is larger, your partner's vagina is tighter around your penis and it feels better.

Your partner's facial expressions and vocal remarks will also change and that can be very psychologically stimulating for men. You might elicit greater orgasms from your partner and more passionate vocal remarks, which will bring you greater satisfaction.

3. What Is Your Current Size?

How big is your penis? It's safe to say that unless you have a very large penis, any guy can benefit from increasing the size of his penis even a little bit.

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However, certain sizes are more likely to benefit more than others. For example if you are very below average, then increasing your penis by even a little bit can have a huge positive impact on your sex life, physical pleasure, confidence, and intimacy. On the other hand if you are already above average, increasing your penis by a little bit probably won't do as much as it would for the guy who is very below average. It would still be a noticeable improvement, but to a lesser relative degree.

If you are very below average, then starting penis enlargement and using a penis pump to increase the girth and length of your penis can have staggering positive results on your life. In this case, penis size matters a bit more and should be explored and undertaken if having a smaller penis is a concern for you.

Here is a chart for the average penis size:

4. Who Is Your Partner?

Your partner makes a difference on whether size "matters", as in the perception of whether your size is significant or not.

Girls who are more conservative, traditional, and reserved will view sex, penis size, and things like pleasure and indulgence differently from girls who are more liberal, open-minded and promiscuous.

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This is not to say that conservative girls do not care about sex or pleasure, or girls who are promiscuous are obsessed with penis size and indulgences. It's simply a generalization that a girl's previous experiences, values, and lifestyle will play a role in how she feels about these things.

Girls who are more experienced and have had many partners may care more about penis size and physical pleasure, since they have experienced the full range of sexual pleasure ranging from low levels of pleasure to very high levels. Therefore if you aren't able to reach the very high levels of sexual pleasure that she has already experienced, she may compare her experience with you to her experiences with others.

Girls who are more conservative and inexperienced may care more about emotional connection, values, and personality, and therefore when sex occurs, she is less likely to care or even be able to compare it to anything else. This is not to say that you should take advantage of her inexperience and not be a compassionate lover, but her expectations may not be as high.

Overall, who the girl is, does play a role in whether she will think size matters. If this is a concern and insecurity of yours, it's best to meet girls and develop relationships based on common values and outlooks rather than only sexual attraction.

5. What Is Your Relationship With Your Partner?

Many studies show that girls view the ideal penis size for one-night stands differently from the ideal penis size for boyfriends or long-term partners.

Here is a study from the National Institute of Health:

In general, girls prefer larger penises for one-night stands or casual relationships. This is due to many factors that we discussed above such as short-term dating is based more on sexual attraction, physical pleasure, and indulgences - all of which a larger penis is better for.

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On the other hand, for long-term relationships and boyfriends, girls chose a smaller penis size. This is because there are more important factors that a girl looks for in a boyfriend including core values, future outlook, stability, dependability, and personality. Penis size is normally further down the list of traits girls look for in long-term stable partners.

To sum it up, if you are looking for casual relationships, then having a larger penis may make you more appealing. If you are looking for long-term relationships, then penis size generally doesn't matter as much or at all.

6. Does Your Size Impact Your Sexual Confidence and Relationships?

After discussing "does size matter to girls", we can now flip it around and ask ourselves "does size matter to us men?" According to studies, 30% of men are insecure about their penis size, but in reality that number is probably a lot higher.

So does size matter when it comes to men and their sexual confidence? The answer is a resounding yes.

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Men are generally more dissatisfied with their own penis size than their female partners are. In fact, many women don't really care much about penis size.

Let's put it this way: there's a reason why the vast majority of women don't seek out pornography where it's just a guy with a huge penis having sex with a woman.

Women get aroused by a variety of factors including emotional and psychological stimulation. So in general women don't really care that much about penis size unless you are an outlier and have an extremely small penis, or micro penis.

It's men who care about penis size. Men of our current generation have watched a lot of pornography and have a warped impression of penis size which leads to body dysmorphia.

Insecurities and anxieties about penis size can affect a man's sexual performance like the ability to get and maintain an erection. It can also lead to avoidance of sexual, intimate and romantic relationships with women out of fear. Some men are also not able to confidently approach and meet women because they lack confidence which stems from their sexual insecurities.

Overall, penis size does have a large impact on a man's sexual confidence and relationships, and that is an important reason why many men decide to increase the size of their member with penis pumping.

7. Does Size Impact Other Areas of Your Life Besides Your Sex and Romantic Life?

Having a small penis, or feeling like one doesn't measure up can have a dramatic effect on men outside of the bedroom and intimate relationships.

It can affect a man's social life and make him more reserved and hesitant in social situations, or avoiding social situations in the first place.

Size insecurities can affect mental health by increasing stress and depression.

Lastly, it can impact your work life by feeling inadequate, unproductive, or unmotivated in professional settings.

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While size insecurities may be an unrealistic standard that is simply a misperception or an overgeneralization, it undoubtedly affects men in other areas of life besides the bedroom. These are all reasons to undertake healthy and safe penis pumping activities to enlarge your size and have greater overall life satisfaction.

8. Does Size Matter To You?

The only question that really matters is - does size matter to you?

If your sexual partner doesn't care about size, but it gives you higher self-esteem and confidence, then performing penis enlargement might be a good decision for your own well-being.

If your significant other is making disparaging remarks about your penis size, but you don't want to change your body, then you should probably stick to you gut and not make any changes.

Overall, while girlfriends, wives, and significant others play a large role in our decision making, it should ultimately be up to you.

Does Penis Size Truly Matter?

It's safe to take from this discussion that, yes, penis size does matter.

How much it matters, to whom does it matter, and the impact of it, will be different for all men, and it may not matter at all for some men.

But overall, penis size does matter to many men.

While increasing your penis girth and length can enhance sexual pleasure for your sexual partner, the greater benefits might be in your increased confidence and self esteem not only in the bedroom but in the outside world as well.

If you are insecure about your penis size, and feel helpless that you can't do anything about it, the insecurity may lead to depression and a large negative impact on your entire life.

Penis pumping is one of the best methods to increase the size of your penis and improve your confidence and well-being. It is extremely cheap and you can start with just $40. It is non-invasive so you won't have to consider doing surgery or a major operation. And it is discreet and confidential. You can purchase a penis pump from our website, and it will be shipped to you in completely unlabeled, unmarked packaging so that no one else will know the journey you are on. We offer free 15-day returns, so if you are curious about whether penis pumping is for you, there is very little downside to spending $40 with a money back guarantee. And who knows, you might discover that penis pumping is for you, enjoy enlarging your girth and length, and have a new sense of confidence and self-esteem. Happy pumping!

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