Penis Pump Replacement Parts


      About Penis Pump Replacement Parts

      Penis pump replacement parts are acrylic cylinders, ABS plastic cylinders, hoses, manual pumps (trigger pumps, handle pumps, ball pumps), digital electric remote controls, valves, belts, rulers and pads.

      Penis pump replacement parts are purchased and used when a current component is broken, missing or needs an upgrade, and the user doesn't want to purchase a new full pump set. Instead, he can purchase only the spare part that's needed and save money.

      Types of Spare Penis Pump Parts

      There are many different types of spare penis pump parts such as the pump mechanism, hose, cylinder, and connections.

      Pump mechanisms include the SmartTech electric handheld remote control with LCD display and customized pumping pressure levels, the ergonomic high-efficiency manual trigger pump, and a handful of starter manual pumps like the ball pump, handle pump, and ergonomic handle pump.

      There are two (2) types of spare cylinders available: one is geared towards starters or beginners, and the other one is for regular or advanced penis pumps.