Day 1 Starter Routine

The prospect of a larger penis is very exciting for many men.

It can also be a time of anxiety and skepticism.

If you have just received your first penis pump, and are about to begin your penis enlargement journey, we wish you the best success and fulfillment.

If you are consistent, methodical, and safe with your penis pumping program, results are almost guaranteed.

In fact, after your first initial penis pumping session, you will notice a difference. No, you are not going to all of a sudden have a massive penis and feel like a different person, but you will notice that your penis looks a bit engorged and feels a tad heavier. Yes, this normally happens after just the first session.

Before Your 1st Session

After you receive your penis pump, you want to perform some preparation and precautionary steps before you actually use the device.

  1. Read all instructions, user manuals, and information packets.
  2. Check the product for any flaws or damage (we offer free 30-day returns).
  3. Clean the penis pump components using a cloth or paper towel and an all-purpose cleaner or soap and water.
  4. Assemble the pump following the instructions.
  5. Test the pump's functions like pressing the buttons on an electric pump or squeezing the handle on a manual pump.
  6. Test the pump's functions on your leg. Place the cylinder opening on your upper thigh and activate the pump to test the pump mechanism and get a feel for the suction.
  7. Prepare the pump for use.

After you have completed the prior steps, it's time to begin your 1st session.

Day 1 Starter Routine

Your first day will be simply getting your penis acquainted to the feeling of pressure in the cylinder.

*If at any point you feel uncomfortable or wish to stop your penis pumping routine, press the quick-release safety button or valve to release all pressure from the cylinder. There aren't many buttons or valves on a penis pump and you shouldn't have a hard time finding where this is. Read the instruction manual fully and practice using the penis pump without your penis to ensure you can operate it safely.

Set 1

Pressure: 2 inHg / 7 kPa

Duration: 2-3 Minutes

(Repeat Set 1 Two (2) Times)

Set 2

Pressure: 3 inHg / 10 kPa

Duration: 2-3 Minutes

(Repeat Set 2 Two (2) Times)

Set 3

Pressure: 4 inHg / 13 kPa

Duration: 2-3 Minutes

(Repeat Set 3 Two (2) Times)


Day 1 Stats:

Pressure Range: 2 inHg - 4 inHg / 7 kPa - 13 kPa

Duration in Pump: 16-18 Minutes

*Different brands of penis pumps display their pressure level in different pressure measurements. The two most common pressure measurements used are inHg (Inches of Mercury) and kPa (Kilopascal). You can use our conversion chart to find determine inHg and kPa measurements:

Conversion Chart for inHg to kPa

Day 1 Starter Routine Final Thoughts

The above day 1 starter routine is simply a guideline. You may find that the pressures are too low and you can barely feel anything, and you may want to experiment with higher pressures. While most men may feel that way, some men may also feel that the pressures are too high and wish to use lower pressures. Calibrate and adjust the session to your comfort.

After your first day pumping, you should notice that your penis feels more engorged and maybe looks a bit fuller than normal.

Congratulations, this is the beginning of your penis pump journey. If you are consistent, methodical, and safe, you will see results over time.

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