What is a Penis Pump?

Last updated April 1st, 2024

This is the beginner's guide to What is a Penis Pump in 2024.

In this guide we'll cover:

  • The definition of a penis pump
  • Important penis pump terminology
  • The history of penis pumps
  • Where penis pumps are today
  • The importance of penis pumps
  • Lots more

Let's get started!


Penis Pump Basics

In Chapter 1, we'll go over the basics of penis pumps.

First, you'll learn about what exactly a penis pump is and what functions it has.

Then, we'll provide you with the official definition of a penis pump.

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a device that men used to enlarge their penis and treat erectile dysfunction.

A penis pump comprises a chamber which is a cylindrical tube used to encase the penis, and a pump which is a device used to remove air from the chamber.

When the pump removes air from the chamber, it creates a negative internal pressure that draws blood into the shaft of the penis, thereby producing an erection.

What Else is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is:

  • An FDA-approved medical device used by men to treat erectile dysfunction
  • A training device used by men to increase the size of their penis
  • An adult toy used to enhance sexual activities and satisfaction
  • A sexual wellness tool used to improve blood circulation and sensitivity of the penis

Penis Pump Definition defines a penis pump as:

"A cylindrical mechanical or motorised device placed over the penis, which produces a vacuum, engorges the penis and provides an erection of sorts, which may be maintained by placing an elastic band at the base of the penis to prevent the egress of blood. Penis pumps have been used to manage impotence seen in neural and vascular disease (e.g., diabetic neuropathy)."

Here's a link to their penis pump definition:


Penis Pump Terminology

Chapter 2 is all about penis pump terminology. These are terms, abbreviations, and names that you will commonly see in the penis pumping world and should be familiar with.

In this chapter you'll learn:

  • Penis pump product terms
  • Penis pump operating and functioning terms
  • A comparison of different names for penis pumps

Let's jump right in.

Penis Pump Product Terms

Penis pump product terms are the names of the components of the actual penis pump device. They include:

  • Pump: the device that powers the entire penis pumping operation and can be manually or electrically operated.
  • Chamber: the cylindrical tube that encompasses the penis and accommodates the penis pumping process.
  • Hose: a flexible rubber or silicone tube that securely connects the pump to the chamber to remove air.
  • Sleeve: a soft silicone or rubber cover that is wrapped around the open end of the penis pump to provide a comfortable cushion for the user and a seal to reduce air leakage.
  • Pressure gauge: a dial or LCD screen that measures and displays the level of pressure inside the pump.
  • Quick-release safety valve: a button or mechanism to release excess pressure in the chamber to prevent potential harm from high pressures.
  • Constriction ring: an elastic or adjustable ring made out of silicone or rubber that is placed around the base of an erect penis to reduce blood outflow and help maintain an erection.

Penis Pumping Terms

Penis pumping terms are words and names that pertain to the actual act of penis pumping. Common terms include:

  • "Fill the tube" / "Pack the tube": to "fill the tube" or "pack the tube" means that your penis has grown or expanded to reach the diameter or length of the cylinder.
  • Edema: edema is the buildup of fluid and water in your penis when pumping that gives your penis a "bloated" look.
  • Jelqing: jelqing is massaging, stretching, and exercising your penis by using an "OK" grip with your thumb and forefinger around the base of the penis and moving your hand away from the base.

Penis Pump Abbreviations

Many times you will find abbreviations used instead of writing out the full name, term or measurement. Here are the most common abbreviations and what they mean:

  • PE: Penis enlargement
  • ED: Erectile dysfunction
  • VED: Vacuum erection device
  • VCD: Vacuum constriction device
  • BPEL: Bone-pressed erect length
  • NBPEL: Non-bone-pressed erect length
  • BPSFL: Bone-pressed stretched flaccid length
  • FL: Flaccid length
  • EG: Erect Girth
  • EQ: Erection quality
  • ADS: All day stretcher
  • inHg: Inches of mercury and a unit of pressure measurement
  • kPa: Kilopascal and a unit of pressure measurement

Penis Pumps vs. Erectile Dysfunction Pumps vs. Vacuum Pumps

There are no differences between penis pumps, erectile dysfunction or ED pumps, and vacuum pumps or vacuum erection devices (VED).

They are all vacuum devices used to remove air, create a negative pressure, and draw blood into the penis to produce an erection.


The History of Penis Pumps

In Chapter 3 we will explore the origins of penis pumps and examine their history.

We will look at the timeline of penis pumps dating all the way back to the 1870s, including their first official USPTO patent, FDA-approval, and other notable milestones.

Without further ado, let's jump into a time machine back in time...

1874: First Mention of the Penis Pump

1874 is the earliest written record of penis pumps in which an American physician named John King created a vacuum device to treat erectile dysfunction.

Dr. John King stated “When there is impotency, with a diminution in the size of the male organ, the glass exhauster should be carefully applied to the part. The glass exhauster is a cylindrical glass tube, one end is open, the other end is fitted for a small exhausting pump to be placed upon. The male organ being placed in the glass, the air is exhausted, the blood fills the vessels of the part, and thus excites new action.  Great care must be taken not to exhaust the air too rapidly or to too great a degree, as injury to the parts would follow.”

It is incredible that the penis pump was conceived 150 years ago, yet still feels like it's in its nascency.

This also demonstrates that the "pumping process", in which air is pumped out and removed to create a vacuum to draw liquid, is not a novel procedure.

Learn more about the history of vacuum erection devices (VEDS) at the official National Institute of Health government site here: Vacuum Erection Devices Journal at the NIH.

1913: First Penis Pump Patent

In 1913, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the first penis pump patent.

Dr. Otto Lederer patented an advanced concept of the penis pump as a “surgical device to produce an erection with vacuum” and introduced a compression ring to be used in conjunction with the vacuum device to sustain an erection.

He states in his patent "This invention relates to a device for ouring sexual impotence, by means of which it is rendered possible for persons considered to be completely impotent to perform sexual intercourse in the normal manner."

Here's a link to the official patent:

1960s: Penis Pumps as Sexual Enhancement Devices

In the 1960’s during the sexual revolution, the penis pump was gaining traction not for its medical treatment purposes but for its sexual enjoyment.

Men were starting to use penis pumps to increase the length and girth of their penises rather than to treat medical conditions like erectile dysfunction.

1982: FDA Approves Penis Pumps

In 1982, Geddings Osbon was granted the first FDA approval for a vacuum constriction device product. He called his product “Youth Equivalent Device” and this is a marketing flier promoted for his first device:

1995: American Urological Association Endorses Penis Pumps

In 1995, the American Urological Association endorsed and recognized vacuum therapy to treat erectile dysfunction as a first-step method by prescription.

2000s: Advanced Tech Hits Penis Pumps

In the 2000s, penis pumps started to become more technologically advanced with electronic pumps, smart features, and LCD screens.


Penis Pumps Today

In Chapter 4 we will take a look at where penis pumps are today.

We will discuss the popularity of penis pumps through internet searches, reasons for their widespread popularity amongst men, and how penis pumps are viewed in movies, media, and television.

Let's get started.

How Popular Are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are extremely popular and they don't get talked about a lot because they fall into a gray area of sexual products.

If we look at how many men are searching for "penis pumps" on the internet, we see that it is searched more than the terms "smartphone" and "television" combined!

Why More Men Are Buying Penis Pumps

Since the caveman days, men have been fixated on their penises and how to make them bigger. It's no surprise that in 2023, men are still eager to grow their penises.

Other factors may come into play including:

  • Greater accessibility to information on penis pumps, methods, case studies, online communities of men who pump.
  • Better, safer, and more products on the market today.
  • Greater emphasis on body image due to social media.
  • Greater emphasis on sexual satisfaction and confidence.

Penis Pumps in Pop Culture

While penis pumps haven't been adopted into mainstream media, they have made some notable appearances.

1. Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery

In Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery, when Austin is unfrozen, he retrieves his possessions which include "one Swedish-made penis enlarger pump." Check it out below for some laughs!

2. Scrubs

Penis pumps have also made an appearance on the popular sitcom Scrubs, when J.D. discusses with a patient the use of a penis pump for sexual dysfunction treatment. Another humorous clip to check out below!

3. Van Wilder

In Van Wilder, one of the characters attempts to smoke marijuana out of a penis pump thinking it's a bong and doing what college kids normally do. Watch this funny clip below:

4. Bling Empire

On Netflix's new hit reality series Bling Empire, a penis pump is found at the home of one of the cast members during a Spa Day Party and drama ensues! See the water/hydro penis pump here:

 5. Other Mentions

Penis pumps have also been seen in Magic Mike, a movie about male strippers.

Lastly and most infamously, a US judge was arrested, convicted, and disbarred for secretly using a penis pump while presiding over live court proceedings.

Read the news story here:


The Importance of Penis Pumps

In Chapter 5 we look at the importance of penis pumps and their impact on men.

Specifically, we will look at how penis pumps affect:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Pleasure
  • Male sexual health

Let's get started.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Penis pumps can have a large positive impact on a man's confidence and self-esteem.

For men who use penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction, the ability to use a penis pump successfully to achieve an erection and partake in sexual intercourse can boost confidence and self-esteem. The majority of men believe that the ability to have sex is a large part of their masculinity and manhood, and restoring this ability and belief can be life changing for men who have lost it.

Additionally, for men who use penis pumps to enlarge their penis, the ability to use a penis pump to increase the size of your penis, even if it's only by a small amount, can be life changing as well. Due to things like pornography and social media, many men are self-conscious about their penis size and may have confidence issues in the bedroom. Knowing that you can increase the size of your penis, and having a bigger penis is a huge confidence boost to many men who pump.

Intimacy and Connection

Many men avoid sexual intimacy with their girlfriends or wives because they feel inadequate either because of erectile dysfunction or insecurities with their penis size.

Using a penis pump to either treat erectile dysfunction or to enlarge their penis, will allow men to have sexual intercourse with their partners again and reform an intimate and spiritual connection.


If you are a man with erectile dysfunction and are unable to have sexual intercourse with your partner, then of course you cannot experience the sexual and physical pleasure that comes with sex.

If you are a man who has a relatively small penis either in length or girth, you and your partner can definitely experience sexual and physical pleasure during intercourse, but it is not as optimized as it can be.

From a scientific standpoint the larger your penis is, the more surface area and nerve endings there are for you to feel and experience the pleasures of sexual intercourse. For a female partner, it's the same; a larger penis is able to touch more spots, cover more sensitive area, and give her that "full" or even "stretched" feeling more, all feelings that lead to greater physical and sexual pleasure for females.

Lastly, if you've increased the size of your penis and have gone from your smaller, original size, to your new, larger size, you can attest that your new penis size both feels better for you and your partner.

Sexual Health

Using a penis pump to help treat erectile dysfunction and produce erections allows for improved blood flow and healthy circulation in the penis and genital area.


What is a Penis Pump Final Thoughts

Chapter 6 is the conclusion of our "What is a Penis Pump" Guide, but if you learned something and want to read more, continue on to our next guide!

We will sum up this initial introduction to penis pumps with some final thoughts.

Taking the Initiative

Life is all about taking action.

More often, we have regrets about not doing something rather than doing it.

Penis pumps are no different. If you are considering a penis pump, the reasons are probably pretty significant; you have erectile dysfunction or you have insecurities about your penis size that are holding you back from deep intimate relationships with partners, or even relationships in general!

Trying out a penis pump is great, affordable, and efficacious way to try to rectify some of these problems.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Financially, penis pumps are an incredible investment. They cost less than $100 and can last several years if not more. The benefits are tremendous and can be life changing if you suffer from erectile dysfunction or penis insecurities.

Getting Started

It's never been easier to get started.

We have a curated selection of top-rated and rigorously tested penis pumps here on our website.

We also have countless guides and resources to walk you through every step of the way.

Continue down the path of learning about penis pumps so that you can buy your first penis pump with confidence.