Can You Quickly Enlarge Your Penis? Quick Penis Growth

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Can You Quickly Enlarge Your Penis?

Yes, you can quickly enlarge your penis using a penis pump.

Let's start out with a few basics.

Penis pumping is a serious activity that requires safety, knowledge, diligence, and patience since the human body and male genitalia is involved.

Penis pumping is not an overnight success approach, but there are immediate benefits that can be had.

Following a penis pumping session, your penis will be immediately and temporarily enlarged and engorged beyond its normal size.

So while the full impact of penis pumping for penis enlargement will be seen in the long run, there are still short term benefits to be had such as temporarily having a bigger dick to use during sex.

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Does Penis Pumping Really Result in Immediate Enlargement?

Yes, using a penis pump will really result in immediate enlargement of your penis.

Penis pumping is the best way to immediately and quickly enlarge your penis for a temporary amount of time.

It's better than all of the other penis enlargement devices, techniques, and pills, if you want to enlarge your penis immediately.

How Much Can You Immediately Grow Your Penis?

The results of a penis pumping session vary depending on the nature of your session (such as the pressure, duration and methods of your pumping session), how long you've been pumping for, and how your individual body reacts to penis pumping.

Low Pressures & Short Durations

At low pressures and short durations, many men can see an immediate length and girth increase of up to 0.25" inches.

Normal Pressures & Durations

Using normal pressures and durations, many men can see immediate length and girth gains of 0.25" to 0.5" inches.

Higher Pressures, Longer Durations & Advanced Routines

More seasoned pumpers that use higher pressures, longer durations, and advanced routines can see immediate length and girth gains of more than 0.5" inches.

*Please note that the immediate size gain that you achieve with penis pumping is also a temporary size gain. It's very similar to if you go to the gym and lift weights, and after the gym you have a slight "pumped" body with engorged and enlarged muscles.

In that same vein, after a penis pumping session, your penis will be in an engorged and enlarged state temporarily afterwards.

How Long Will Your Penis Be Enlarged For?

A penis pump enlarges your penis immediately by expanding the penile tissue, blood vessels, and skin during a penis pumping session.

This temporary engorged and enlarged state will be present following the pumping session for a short period of time. How long it will be present depends on the nature of the pumping session, how long you've been pumping for, and how your individual body reacts to pumping.

Range Duration
Extreme Low 0 Minutes
Low End 15 Minutes
Lower Limit 30 Minutes
Average 30 Min - 2 Hours
High Limit 2 Hours
High End 3-4 Hours
Extreme High 4+ Hours


The table above shows a general range of outcomes for how long your immediate penis enlargement gains will last.

On average, you can expect it to last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. Experienced penis pumpers can have an enlarged penis lasting several hours and throughout the rest of the day.

How To Enhance Immediate Penis Growth Following a Pumping Session

As we've established, following a penis pumping session your penis will be immediately longer, girthier and larger for a temporary amount of time.

There are a few ways that you can enhance this immediate and temporary penis growth that will either help maintain the size of the immediate growth, or prolong the duration of the temporary enlargement.

Cock Rings

Cock rings, a.k.a. penis rings or constriction bands, are one of the best supplemental accessories for penis pumping and penis enlargement.

Following a penis pumping session, wrap a cock ring around the base of your penis shaft to help maintain your penis in an enlarged and engorged state. You can even use more than one cock ring to enhance the effect.

Penis Pump Cock Ring Placement Following Session for Maximum Enlargement

You can use cock rings in two main positions.

Position A (as seen in image) is behind the scrotum and balls so that is it touching the perineum. This cock ring placement focuses on the entire penile unit and not just the shaft.

Position B (as seen in image) is in front of the scrotum so the cock ring is only wrapped around the shaft of your penis. This focuses on maintaining the engorgement in the shaft of the penis.

You can also wrap one or multiple cock rings in each position for advanced application. If you're interested in purchasing high-quality medical-grade silicone cock rings, shop our selection here: Penis Pumps Online Cock Rings


Jelqing is a technique in which you produce a semi-hard erection and use an OK grip with your hand with firm yet gentle strokes to slowly milk your penis away from your body. It's a similar motion to milking a cow.

The goal of jelqing is to push blood through the shaft of the penis into the penis tissue to enhance engorgement and promote blood flow. Following a penis pumping session, jelqing helps to maintain and increase the engorged penile state.

In general, jelqing improves erection quality and in many cases can also promote penis enlargement.

How To Benefit From Immediate Penis Enlargement Gains

The best and most obvious way to benefit from immediate penis enlargement gains is to have sex with your larger penis.

This is all about timing and planning.

Sex with a Significant Other

If you are planning to have sex with your wife, girlfriend or significant other at a certain time and you want to have a bigger dick while doing so, you can plan and time your penis pumping session right before sex takes place.


If you normally have sex with your partner at 9 pm before you go to bed, you can pump your penis before then for maximum expansion and engorgement. You can take a bath or shower at 8 pm and pump while inside. You can work on your side business in your spare bedroom at 8 pm while simultaneously pumping. If you can allocate 30-45 minutes before sex to pump your penis, you will definitely maintain a lot of your enlarged and engorged penis state for sex.

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Going to a Bar or on Dates

This is a little trickier since you generally don't know if you'll be having sex when going to a bar, club, or on a date.

It's also trickier since there's a large time gap between when you pump your penis and when you're having sex (we're assuming going to a bar or on a date would require at least a couple of hours before you're having sex with another person).

Therefore, the only way to pump your penis for immediate size gain is to do it as close to the time you're leaving for the date or bar as possible.

If you have a date at 8 pm, then try to pump your penis as close to 8 pm as possible, so you maintain the size increase for as long as possible.

In these instances, you can also wear a cock ring following the penis pumping session to prolong the immediate growth.

Downsides of Quickly Enlarging Your Penis

There are a couple of downsides to quickly enlarging your penis - although none of them are serious or long-term negatives.

One, if you always have sex with an enlarged and engorged penis following a pumping session, you get used to having sex in that state. The physical sensations, the partner feedback, the extra confidence are all tied in with the immediate growth from a pumping session. This might make it more difficult to have sex without a prior penis pumping session. This might be troublesome when you're on vacation or are having spontaneous sex with someone you recently met or a "quickie" with your partner.

It's similar to how when you work out and lift weights, you're always "chasing your pump" and you will never be "as big as your current pump."

The flip side to this is that eventually your "immediate pumped size" does become your new normal baseline size. However at that point, your new immediate pumped size will be the ghost you're chasing after.

Two, there's the possibility that you will over-pump with higher-than-safe pressures or longer-than-normal durations, because you know a sex session is following. The idea that you can have sex with a bigger penis if you only pump with a little bit more intensity is a dangerous idea that plagues many men.

The solution to this is to simply remember that any enlargement prior to sex is an added bonus, and you are in this for the long run.

Final Thoughts on Quickly Enlarging Your Penis

The best part about quickly enlarging your penis following a penis pump session is that it's just part of your normal long-term penis pumping program.

If you are methodically and consistently pumping your penis with the goal of long-term growth, experiencing the immediate benefits of enlargement and engorgement in the short term is just part of the journey.

The only tricky part is scheduling your regular penis pumping sessions to align with your sex or dating schedule.

Overall, while penis pumping should be undertaken seriously and safely, it should also be enjoyable and gratifying. There's nothing like buying a penis pump, and being able to see the results immediately when you have sex with your significant other, and having them notice the increased size difference too.

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