How Do I Keep Penis Pumping Private and Confidential?

Penis enlargement is a personal activity that normally requires confidentiality and privacy.

If you are currently living with your parents, are sharing an apartment with roommates, or have a wife and kids, you will want to keep your penis pumping activities on the down low.

It might be embarrassing and uncomfortable if your parents or one of your friends found your penis pump and knew that you were trying to increase the size of your penis.

Confidential Online Ordering

Once you decide to start your penis pumping journey, you can place an order on our website and we will keep your information private and confidential.

Your personal information is never shared with others and the name on the credit card statement reads "PPOnline".

Old White Man Sitting On Couch in Front of Christmas Tree Ordering a Pump On His Laptop with Credit Card Confidentially

We understand that privacy is a big concern for men interested in penis pumping, and we put many measures in place to help you feel comfortable and confident when starting your journey.

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Discreet Shipping

After you've placed your order, we will ship it out to you in an unmarked, plain-colored package or box.

There will be no identifying information or labels on it referring to anything having to do with penis pumping, penises, or penis enlargement.

Discreet Unlabeled Black Package Being Delivered by Man in Red Shirt

From the outside, it will simply look like a cylindrical or rectangular item that could be any number of appliances or objects.

Once the package is opened, there will be a penis pump user manual and other materials, but none of that is visible from the outside.

Privately Using Your Penis Pump

Depending on your living situation, there are various stealthy ways to use your penis pump.


Nice Bathroom with Tub for Private Penis Pumping Sessions

If you are very concerned about privacy and being interrupted during a pumping session, the best place to use your penis pump will definitely be in your bathroom where you can lock the door.

You can purchase a water penis pump and use it while you take a warm bath or hot shower, or you can purchase an air penis pump and use it while just sitting in an empty tub, on the toilet, or any other seat in the bathroom.

Spare Bedroom/Office

Home Office with Chair and Desk

If you have the space, another great place to pump is in a spare bedroom or office. While everyone will have a bathroom, not everyone will have a spare room in their home. If you do, you can lock the door and allocate 20-45 minutes per day to pumping. Simply tell your girlfriend, wife, or partner that you are working during that time and need complete privacy.


Modern Bedroom with Large Bed and White Finishes

If you are living with roommates and have a lockable bedroom door, then this will be your best option. Simply purchase an air penis pump, lock your bedroom door, and pump in the privacy of your bedroom.

Living Room

Minimalist Living Room with Lounge Sofa and Chaise

If you live by yourself, this is probably the best place to penis pump. You can recline and relax on your sofa and watch TV or do work while you pump.

Penis pumping can also get a little bit messy or dirty with lotions or lubricants, and with any fluids your body produces during the session. Using a towel on your sofa might be better to keep things more sanitary than pumping in your bedroom.

Secretly Storing Your Penis Pump

There is really only one way to secretly store your penis pump without others being able to find it: in a lockable box.

The best boxes to use are tool boxes that have a lock design or insert. Tool boxes are big enough to hold long tools like screwdrivers and hammers, and most regular size tool boxes can comfortably fit a penis pump.

Lockable Toolbox for Discreet Penis Pump Storage

Simply purchase a lockable tool box and a lock, and you won't have any problems with kids, roommates, or spouses finding it.

Lockable toolboxes are inexpensive and can be purchased from Walmart, Dollar General, or at our store.

How Much Should Your Wife or Spouse Know About Your Penis Pumping?

I believe penis pumping is a personal activity that should be kept relatively close to the chest. It's no one's business what I do with my body, and therefore they don't have to know about it and have an opinion.

Even though the majority of men will penis pump to have a larger penis for our partners, I still believe it's not their business that we are penis pumping. It's important for men to set healthy boundaries and something like personal development and penis enlargement is a good boundary to establish.

The problem I see with telling your girlfriend about penis pumping is she will generally have an opinion on the matter that can affect you.

Black Girlfriend Getting Angry at White Boyfriend

She might think it's stupid and unnecessary, and then you will stop penis pumping - but then 1 year later you guys break up, and you've missed out on 1 year of gains that you can enjoy with another partner.

Or she could become obsessed with you increasing the size of your dick, and pressure you into overdoing it which can lead to injury and just overall lower self-esteem.

On the other hand, many wives and partners may be supportive of you on your journey, and want you to feel more confident (and secretly be enjoying the gains). If your spouse knows about your penis pumping and supports you, it will be a lot easier to penis pump without having to sneak around the house. She will know when you are doing your routine and let you be (and again be perfectly fine with it since she is enjoying the fruits of your labor.)

Happy Asian Man Being Supported by Wife on Penis Enlargement Journey

Overall, the conversations you have with your partner, or your decision to keep it private, is completely up to you and how you view penis enlargement, and what your relationship is like with your partner.

Regardless of what you decide to do, we view penis pumping as a private and personal journey. PPOnline will always private confidential online ordering and discreet shipping so you feel comfortable and confident when working with us.