Interval Pumping

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Interval Pumping

Interval penis pumping is a relatively new pumping technique that involves alternating periods of high-pressure pumping with rest intervals.

Athletes regularly engage in interval training by alternating periods of high-intensity activity like sprinting, with periods of low-intensity for recovery like walking, or just rest.

This pumping method is designed to maximize blood flow to the penis for increased expansion/engorgement and erection quality, while allowing for periodic full rest for reduced overtraining, injury, and edema.

Other benefits of interval penis pumping include:

  • Time efficiency: interval penis pumping sessions are typically shorter than normal pumping sessions at a static pressure, and are more time efficient.
  • Ability to stay erect/hard for a greater percentage of time in the cylinder: since interval pumping utilizes shorter periods in the cylinder, the user only has to stay erect/hard for a shorter and more focused period of time, instead of having to stay constantly erect/hard throughout a normal longer static pumping session. Staying erect/hard while in the pump is one of the common challenges men face in penis pumping.
  • Reduced fatigue: the rest periods in interval training allow the penis to recover and refill with fresh blood.
  • Better pressure management: since interval pumping comprises several shorter periods of pumping, each individual session can be adapted to you current state. So if you're getting great expansion, then you can increase the pressure for the next period, and if you're feeling discomfort you can decrease the pressure for the next pumping set.

Interval Penis Pumping Routine

Pre-Interval Pumping Warm Up

Warm up your penis with heat, massaging, stretching, and other techniques to increase blood flow, loosen the ligaments, and relax the muscles.

Read our guide to warm-up routines here.

1st Interval Pumping Set

Duration: 2-5 Minutes

  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure the penis pump is clean and ready for use.
    • Apply a lubricant like lotion around the entire shaft of your penis and to the opening of the sleeve or pump to ensure a comfortable seal and prevent irritation.
    • Try to get as erect/hard as possible before and while you enter the chamber of the pump.
  2. Initial Pumping:

    • Insert your penis into the cylinder of the pump.
    • Begin pumping slowly and steadily, creating a vacuum inside the cylinder.
    • Increase the pressure gradually until you reach a comfortable but firm level where you should feel a slight pull/pressure on the center of your shaft.
    • Maintain this pressure for 2-5 minutes
  3. Tips: 
    • Avoid over-pumping, especially on the first set, while your penis is still getting used to the pressure.
    • Monitor the pressure level so you can use it as a basis for the rest of the session.
    • You may increase or decrease the pumping set duration depending on your preferences and comfort level.

1st Rest Period

Duration: 0-60 Seconds

  1. Release the Pressure:

    • Carefully release the pressure from the pump and remove it.
    • Gently massage your penis to restore normal blood flow and reduce any discomfort.
    • Kegel new blood into the shaft of your penis.
  2. Rest and Recovery:

    • Rest your penis for 0-60 seconds. This might seem short, but withdrawing all pressure, massaging the penis, and pumping new blood into the shaft is more than sufficient for rest and recovery.
    • You may increase or decrease the rest period duration depending on your preferences and comfort level.

2nd Interval Pumping Set

Duration: 2-5 minutes

  1. Reapply Lubricant:

    • Reapply a small amount of lubricant if necessary to ensure a comfortable seal, and seamless insertion and removal of the penis.
  2. Pumping:

    • Insert the penis back into the cylinder and repeat the pumping process.
    • Gradually increase the pressure to a comfortable level where you should feel a slight pull/pressure in the middle of your shaft, as done in the first set.
    • Maintain this pressure for another 2-5 minutes, monitoring your comfort level throughout the session.

2nd Rest Period

Duration: 0-60 Seconds

  1. Release and Massage:

    • Release the pressure from the pump and remove it.
    • Massage your penis to encourage more blood flow and alleviate any tension.
    • Fire goat rolls (where you place your penis between your open palm hands and rub it back and forth to "roll" it) is a great exercise to massage the shaft and encourage blood flow.
  2. Rest and Rehydrate:

    • Take another 0-60 second break.
    • Drink some water to stay hydrated, as proper hydration can enhance circulation and overall effectiveness of the session.

Repeat & Alternate the Cycle

Total Session Duration: 30-60 minutes

  1. Repeat the Intervals:

    • After the 2nd rest period, you can repeat the cycle (pumping set followed by rest) for a total of 30-60 minutes depending on your experience level and comfort.
    • After every 10-15 minutes, take a longer 5-10 minute break to give your penis a longer rest and recovery period.