How To Clean & Maintain Your Penis Pump

Cleaning Supplies Photo with Gloves, All Purpose Cleaner, Cloth and Soap

Cleaning and maintaining your penis pump will not only increase the lifespan of it, but will enhance the efficiency of pumping sessions and decrease the risk of infections and other hazardous complications. Proper care and hygiene of a penis pump can be split up into the cleaning and maintenance of it.

Cleaning refers to removing dirt, fluids, and debris from the device, and disinfecting and sanitizing the components. Maintenance refers to ensuring the parts are in good working order and functioning properly.

The cleaning and maintenance of penis pumps is fast and straightforward requiring as little as a few minutes before and after each session that will increase the longevity of your pump and save you money in the long run.

Disassemble Your Penis Pump

Penis Pump Disassembled Ready for Cleaning and Storage

It's good habit to fully disassemble your penis pump after use and before storing it. This will allow you to clean and disinfect each part separately. This will also maintain the strength of the connections and fittings of the pump to extend their life.

Penis pumps have a few main parts that can be disassembled from each other: the cylinder that encompasses the penis, the pump mechanism that either manually or electrically removes air from the cylinder, the hose that connects the cylinder to the pump mechanism, and the cylinder sleeves that provide a sealant around the opening of the cylinder.

Each of these parts should be regularly disassembled after use and stored separately for enhanced hygiene and prolonged lifespan.

Cleaning The Penis Pump

Once all of the parts are disassembled, it's time to clean the penis pump.

In general, we would recommend simply using a paper towel or reusable cloth, applying some all-purpose cleaner and/or isopropyl alcohol, and wiping down the penis pump parts.


Most cylinders are primarily made of acrylic for the transparent tube but also have smaller metal and plastic valves or fittings at the top where it connects to the hose.

Penis Pump Cylinders Made From Acrylic Set of 4

Even though you can wash the cylinder with warm water and soap, and dry the metal fittings with a cloth and let them air dry, we would still recommend only using a paper towel and cleaning solution and wiping it down.

If the pumping session has produced a significant amount of fluids and liquids in the cylinder like lotion, petroleum jelly, lubricant, pre-cum or semen, you might have to give it a rinse every once in a while to fully clean everything. But for a regular pumping session that doesn't get too dirty, a simple cloth, cleaning solution, and bottle cleaner should do the trick to fully remove debris and sanitize germs.

Pump Mechanism

Manual Pistol-Trigger Hand Penis Pump in Black with Copper Piston

The pump mechanism of a penis pump can be either electric or manual. Electric pump mechanisms are generally made of a plastic casing with electrical circuitry inside, and manual pump mechanisms are generally made of plastic and metal materials.

The pump mechanism shouldn't get too dirty during a pumping session, and normally only requires a wipe down with a paper towel and all purpose cleaner.


Hose Tube Connector for Penis Pump Cylinder to Mechanism in Blue Color Silicone

A body of a penis pump hose is normally made from silicone or rubber, while the valves and fittings that connect it to the pump are made from plastic or metal.

The hose doesn't typically get too dirty during a pumping session and can be cleaned using a towel and an all purpose cleaner.

Cylinder Sleeves

Thick Silicone Cylinder Sleeves in White and Black Colors

Cylinder sleeves are made of 100% silicone or rubber, which is a completely waterproof material. Cylinder sleeves also normally get the most dirty out of any pump component because they directly contact the penis. Since cylinder sleeves normally accumulate debris, fluids, and bacteria from a pump session, and they are 100% waterproof, you should wash them in warm water and soap.

Drying the Parts

Two Towels for Drying Penis Pump Parts in White and Green Colors

After you have wiped down or washed the penis pump parts, you should dry them as much as possible with a clean cloth, and then let them air dry to fully remove any moisture in hard to reach areas.

Disinfecting the Parts

Clorox Disinfectant Sanitizing Wipes Bottle and Cloth

Every once in a while you can use isopropyl alcohol, Clorox wipes, or a disinfectant spray to sanitize your penis pump to kill germs and bacteria that cannot be removed by just wiping or rinsing.

Most disinfectants require a dwell time of at least 1 minute to properly kill germs and bacteria before wiping the surface clean.

Storing Your Penis Pump

ED Pump Storage Box

Store the penis pump disassembled in its separate parts to maintain the integrity of the valves, fittings and connections. Keep them in an enclosed case or box in a cool, dark area.

Regular Maintenance of Your Penis Pump

Check your penis pump regularly for any signs of wear and tear like cracks, tears, or weakened seals.

If a particular component is damaged, you can replace just the individual piece by purchasing a replacement spare part here:

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Proper Use of Your Penis Pump

Using your penis pump according to the manufacturer's guidelines will help prolong its lifespan. Overuse may lead to wearing out the motors and parts. Improper handling and operation of the pump mechanism can lead to breakage or damage.

Being mindful of how you connect the pieces to each other will maintain their fittings. Ensuring that the delicate components of the pump like the cylinder and mechanism aren't tossed around will go a long way in owning it for a long time.


Owning a penis pump doesn't require too much cleaning and maintenance beyond basic upkeep and sanitary practices.

There's also not much you can do to fix your pump if it breaks, but luckily you can purchase individual penis pump parts separately so you don't have to buy an entire brand new device.

Penis pumps are also relatively inexpensive for their value and functionality, and should last several years at a minimum with proper care.