Buyer's guide

How To Buy A Penis Pump

Last updated April 1st, 2024

This is the ultimate guide to buying a penis pump in 2024.

In this shopper's guide we'll show you:

  • How to choose between a manual or electric penis pump
  • How to find the perfect sized cylinder
  • How to choose between an air or water penis pump
  • New penis pump technology
  • Lots more

Let's get started.


Where To Purchase A Penis Pump

In Chapter 1, we'll cover the best places to shop for a penis pump.

First, you'll see that there isn't one brand or retailer that dominates the penis pump market.

Then, we'll show you how to find the top rated penis pumps and what to look for in a retailer.

What's the Penis Pump Market in 2024?

The penis pump market in 2024 consists of many smaller retailers selling branded, off-brand, and generic penis pump devices.

There is no one large brand that monopolizes the market or sells the best penis pump.

Rather, many retailers sell similar penis pumps with comparable specs, features, and efficacies, and consumers will make their decisions based on price and preference.

Who Are The Penis Pump Retailers?

Penis pump retailers include medical product corporations, adult-product stores, marketplaces, and individual companies specializing in penis pumps.

Medical product corporations target erectile dysfunction patients and are subsidized by health insurance. Therefore penis pumps sold by medical product corporations are often more expensive than other retailers, while providing the same hardware and experience. Older males who aren't as consumer-savvy, are prescribed a penis pump by their doctor, and are covered by health insurance, are typically the customers of medical corporations.

Adult-product stores target the sexual recreation and pleasure-seeking crowd. Their aim is to provide instant gratification and short-term fun through penis enlargement. Therefore penis pumps sold by adult-product stores are generally lower quality and more expensive.

Marketplaces are stores like eBay that have many products being sold by many different retailers. Shopping at marketplaces can be advantageous if you know what you're looking for, but challenging if you are looking to purchase a new product that you've never owned before. Sellers on marketplaces generally don't have much expertise or authority on the products they are selling beyond what's written on the package.

Finally, individual companies are independent stores that sell penis pumps to a wide audience. Their credibility and merit varies from store to store, and should be evaluated based on factors such as professionalism, expertise and authority, assurances and guarantees, and customer interaction.

The Verdict: Where To Purchase A Penis Pump

The best place to purchase a penis pump will be online at an individual company.

Lower prices will always be found online since ecommerce stores require significantly less overhead compared to brick-and-mortar stores that have to pay for rent, utilities, and other operating expenses.

Larger selection of products will generally be found on ecommerce stores since they are not as confined by physical limitations as brick-and-mortar stores.

Online shopping allows for confidentiality and privacy. You can browse different penis pumps and order products on your laptop or smartphone in the comfort of your home without having to make contact with a sales person or set foot in an adult-product store.

Most online penis pump stores provide discreet shipping which means your order arrives in an unlabeled opaque package that is unrecognizable from the outside.

Lastly, most online penis pump retailers provide free returns and extended warranties on their products providing peace of mind for their customers.


Pump Mechanism: Manual vs. Electric

Chapter 2 is all about the penis pump mechanism, or the machine that powers the device.

In this chapter you'll learn:

  • The purpose of the penis pump mechanism
  • The pros and cons of the two main mechanisms
  • How to choose the best penis pump mechanism for your goals

Let's dive right in.

What is a Penis Pump Mechanism?

The penis pump mechanism is the machine that powers the penis pump.

It is the instrument that removes air from the chamber to create negative pressure. Then the negative pressure in the chamber draws blood into the penis producing an erection.

There are two penis pump mechanisms on the market today: manual and electric.

Manual Pump Mechanism

A manual penis pump involves a hand-operated bulb or handle that the user physically squeezes or pulls to manually remove air from the chamber.

Manual penis pumps are the original pumping mechanism and are still preferred by many men.

Some common reasons for men choosing a manual penis pump are:

  • Controlled and quieter operation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • No need for power sources
  • Greater feel during a pumping session.

Manual penis pumps provide more control since the speed and suction of the pump are directly determined by the user's actions rather than an electric motor. Manual pumps generally emit less noise for a quieter and more discreet operation.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, manual penis pumps are slightly cheaper than electric devices since they don't require electrical components and LCD screens. Another advantage is that manual devices don't require batteries or charging, so your pump will never run out of power.

Lastly, using a manual penis pump has more of a "feel" and "touch" to it since you are physically maneuvering the device with your own hands. When you pump using a manual mechanism, as you squeeze the trigger, you can literally feel your penis slightly expanding. Some people like that sensitive touch while pumping so you can get a real feel for the process.

Electric Pump Mechanism

An electric penis pump involves pressing a button on an electronic device that mechanically removes air from the chamber.

Electric penis pumps are a newer type of pumping mechanism and are being adopted by many men today.

Some reasons that men choose an electric penis pump are:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Reduced user fatigue
  • Pumping precision
  • USB-rechargeable battery

Electric penis pumps can remove air from the chamber at faster speeds and more efficiently than manual penis pumps saving you time and energy. They are also operated by pressing a button which is more convenient, comfortable, and leads to less user fatigue for longer pumping sessions.

Electric penis pumps are also more precise than manual penis pumps since they use digital LCD screens to measure pressure down to decimal tenths (10.1 kPa) as opposed to manual gauges which are analog displays.

Lastly, electric penis pumps are powered by USB-rechargeable batteries. This reduces waste and saves you money in the long run.

The Verdict: Manual or Electric?

Our recommendation is an electric penis pump.

Electric pumps have modernized penis pumping to make it better, faster, and more convenient due to its technology.

Of course there are many benefits to manual penis pumps like their more controlled and quiet operation, and many men still opt for the original manual pumps.


Pumping Medium: Air vs. Water

In Chapter 3, we will discuss the two main pumping mediums: air and water.

First, we will define what a pumping medium is and its importance to penis pumping.

Then, we will compare the pros and cons of air and water to help you determine the best pumping medium for your goals.

What is a Pumping Medium?

The pumping medium refers to the substance that the penis pump uses to enlarge your penis and can be done with air or water.

Basically the pumping medium is what surrounds your penis in the pump.

Why is the Pumping Medium Important?

The choice between air and water as the pumping medium in penis pumps is important because it can impact the user experience, effectiveness, and comfort.

Each medium has their own pros and cons, and is better suited for certain situations.

Air as the Pumping Medium

Air as the pumping medium means that air is what gets removed from the penis pump chamber to create a negative pressure, and air is what surrounds your penis during the penis pumping session.

Advantages of air penis pumps are that they can be used in normal dry environments, are easier and faster to set up and use, and have more buying options (at the moment) since there are less water options available.

Air penis pumps can be used in normal dry environments like on your bed in your bedroom or on your couch in the living room. Water pumps on the other hand will involve the user getting slightly wet in some fashion and require them to be used in the bathtub or shower, or at least in an area that can get wet. Therefore, the user of an air penis pump can be relatively clothed minus his penis region and still able to pump normally. A water penis pump might wet the user's legs, arms and body and therefore should only used when not wearing any clothes.

Air penis pumps are also easier and faster to set up and use. You can set up and start using an air penis pump in any environment in just minutes, which is useful if you are trying to be discreet and have time constraints.

Lastly, there are currently more air penis pump options on the market as water penis pumps are a newer medium for penis pumping.

Water as the Pumping Medium

Water as the Pumping Medium means that water is the substance that is removed from the penis pump chamber to create a negative pressure, and water is what surrounds your penis in the cylinder during a pumping session.

In general, water as a medium is thought of as being more gentle for penis pumping compared to air. Water creates a buoyant environment for penis pumping that lessens gravitational pressure, and makes the pumping pressure more even and uniform around the penis.

Water is very hydrating and lubricating making the process more comfortable and reducing friction, dryness, and irritation of the penis. Many water penis pump users fill their pump with warm water which makes the experience more comfortable, and the heated water can promote expansion and enlargement.

Water also acts as a good sealant to maintain pressure levels inside the chamber.

If privacy is an issue like if you live with roommates, a significant other or children, using a water penis pump in the shower is a great way to discreetly enlarge your penis.

Pumping Medium Verdict

Air and water as the pumping medium for a penis pump is a very close call. They both have clear advantages and some disadvantages, and it's really dependent on your situation.

However, we would give air the slight nod over water due to its convenience.

Penis pumping is a regular routine just like exercising in the gym, and we find that the easier and more convenient it is to do, the more you will follow through with it and get results.

However, water penis pumps are more advantageous when it comes to comfort, while requiring slightly more work and maintenance.

The best approach would be to have one air penis pump and one water penis pump so that you can use both based on your needs.

Chapter 4

Choosing A Penis Pump Cylinder

Chapter 4 is all about choosing the right penis pump cylinder.

In this chapter, we will show you:

  • How to measure the length and girth of your penis
  • How to find the best corresponding cylinder length for your size
  • Cylinder materials
  • Ruler-labeled cylinders
  • Safety considerations

How to Measure the Length and Girth of Your Penis

If you are an adult man, chances are you have measured your penis before. But properly measuring your penis might be a different story.

You will of course need a tape measure.

When you measure your penis length, you want to measure from the base of your penis including your fat pad. This means that you might have to press firmly on the base of your penis to find the accurate starting point if there is a layer of fat there. Then you measure to the tip of your penis and record your measurements to the nearest 1/8" inch.

Measuring the girth of your penis is a little bit easier. You simply wrap the tape measure around the middle or the thickest part of your penis (which is usually the middle) to get an accurate measurement.

How to Find the Best Corresponding Cylinder for Your Size

The length and girth of your penis pump cylinder should correspond to your current measurements and goals.

You should select a penis pump cylinder that is longer and wider in diameter than your current erect penis size.

Penis Pump Cylinder Length

You should choose a penis pump cylinder length that is sufficiently longer than your current erect penis length, but not so long that pressure might be applied non-uniformly to your penis.

For example if your penis measures 5 inches erect, you should not buy a penis pump cylinder that approximately 2 to 3 inches longer, so 7 to 8 inches. That cylinder length will allow your penis space inside the tube to grow and elongate while pumping, but also as you add regular growth to your penis, space to reach your goals.

If you bought a pump cylinder that was 5.5" in length, your penis would reach the full length of the cylinder right when you started pumping.

On the other hand if you used a pump cylinder that was 12" inches in length, the pumping effects might cause your penis to grow more in length than in girth since more pressure would be applied length-wise. Even if you'd like to focus on length, a tube that much larger isn't necessary. 

Once you have measured your penis erect length, use the chart below to find the proper penis pump cylinder length:

Penis Pump Cylinder Diameter

You should choose a penis pump cylinder diameter that is sufficiently bigger than your erect penis circumference girth.

If the cylinder diameter is too small, then there won't be enough space for your penis' girth to grow. It's important to not "fill out the tube" immediately, or that will cap your growth and gains.

Conversely, if the diameter you choose is too big, you won't have the uniform and safe girth expansion that a well fitted tube to your penis will provide.

Once you have measured your penis erect circumference girth, use the chart below to find the proper penis pump cylinder diameter:

Penis Pump Cylinder Material

Most penis pump cylinders are made of silicone or ABS plastic and both of these materials are strong, durable, and easy to clean.

We would not recommend using glass cylinders as they are more fragile than silicone or plastic, and can be dangerous.

Ruler-Labeled Cylinders

A ruler-labeled cylinder has measurements molded right into the cylinder so it's always visible and cannot be removed. Nowadays, ruler-labeled cylinders are standard on the majority of penis pumps.

Ruler-labeled cylinders are useful for keeping track of your length increases by measuring where the end of your penis reaches during every session without needing a separate ruler.

Penis Pump Cylinder Considerations

Choosing the proper penis pump cylinder length and diameter that corresponds to your penis size is very important for safety.

One common mistake is men purchasing a penis pump cylinder size that is too large for their penis to stroke their ego and for vanity reasons.

Make sure that the penis pump cylinder size you choose fits your penis well so you can get the best results from your penis pumping sessions.


Penis Pump Smart Technology

In Chapter 5 we discuss the modernization of penis pumping with the implementation of smart technology.

First, we will talk about the primary benefits that technology offers in the context of penis pumping.

Then, we will highlight some additional, indirect advantages resulting from the integration of technology.

The Integration of Penis Pump Smart Technology

We live in the age of technology, and everything that can be modernized through technology will be - including penis pumps.

In fact, the integration of technology into penis pumps has transformed this traditional hand-operated device into a safe and smart modern marvel.

The primary new features that smart technology affords penis pumps are:

  • Programmability and customization
  • Consistent-maintained pressure levels
  • Hands-free operation
  • Advanced pumping modes

Programmability and Customization

The biggest advantage that smart technology has afforded penis pumps is the ability to customize the pumping session and experience through programmability.

Programmability means that you can set the penis pump to a specific desired pressure level, and the penis pump will automatically remove air until it reaches that pressure, and maintain that pressure until deactivated.

This leads to consistently maintained pressure levels at the pressure of your choice. This is beneficial as the pressure you are using at the beginning of your session will generally be different from the pressure you are using mid-way through your session.

It also provides hands-free operation since the device will automatically maintain the pressure level if it drops by removing more air to reach the set pressure level.

Programmability allows the user to customize and control their session which leads to a more comfortable and efficacious experience.

Advanced Pumping Modes

Penis pump smart technology also enables the user to use different pumping modes.

There is traditionally one mode to penis pumping: the user pumps to a certain pressure level and keeps it there.

With the integration of smart technology, the user is able to conveniently and precisely use different modes to penis pumping that can improve their results, comfort, and convenience.

One of the most popular new modes to traditional penis pumping is called "interval pumping".

Interval pumping refers to the user pumping to certain pressure level, holding it there for a certain amount of time like 10 seconds, and then releasing all of the pressure down to zero. The user will then cycle through this pressure to no-pressure sequence for the duration of the session.

There are other types of interval pumping modes that cycle the pressure level, and smart technology makes it much easier and accurate to adopt these new modes.

Benefits of these new pumping modes are:

  • Greater gains and results
  • Less edema
  • Less risk for injury or discomfort
  • More efficient pumping sessions

Penis Pump Features

Chapter 6 is the final chapter and all about the features that you can find on a penis pump.

In this chapter, we will go over:

  • Pressure gauges
  • Detached vs. attached pumps
  • Quick-release safety valves
  • Sealing sleeves

Pressure Gauges on Penis Pumps

Pressure gauges are dials, LCD screens, or meters that are located on the exterior of a penis pump and used to read the internal pressure of the penis pump.

Pressure gauges offer two important benefits to users: safety and accuracy.

A pressure gauge allows users to safely monitor and control the amount of pressure applied during a pumping session to prevent injuries.

A pressure gauge also provides the user with an accurate reading of the internal pressure, so that they can keep track of their progress and routines.

Pressure gauges come standard on most penis pumps and if you have the option, you should always opt for a penis pump with a pressure gauge.

Detached vs. Attached Pump Devices

All penis pumps work by having air removed from the chamber, and must be powered by a pump device. This pumping device mechanism can either be "attached" to the cylinder or "detached" from the cylinder.

Attached typically means that the pumping device (whether it is a control panel with buttons or a manual squeeze pump) is connected to the actual chamber cylinder, and hence right near your penis.

The advantages of attached pump devices are their compact design and fewer components to clean and store.

A detached pump device means that the control panel (whether it is an electronic pump device or manual squeeze trigger) is connected to the penis pump cylinder via a hose and therefore can be operated from different positions and orientations.

The main advantage of a detached pump device is the versatility and flexibility it provides the user, since he can assume comfortable positions while pumping. An attached pump device forces the user to be leaning forward and next to the penis pump, while the detached pump device allows the user to recline and relax while pumping.

Quick-Release Safety Valves

A quick-release safety valve is typically a button that you can press to immediately release all pressure in the cylinder.

his is the number one most important safety feature to prevent discomfort and injury, and is standard on all penis pumps.

Sealing Sleeves

Sealing sleeves are cylindrical silicone or rubber covers that wrap around the mouth of the penis pump where it contacts the base of your penis.

Sealing sleeves have two main purposes: comfort and as a sealant.

The sealing sleeve acts as a cushion between the hard plastic cylinder opening and your groin area making it more comfortable.

Sealing sleeves also provide an airtight seal around the base of the penis to prevent air from escaping.

Most penis pumps will come with a sealing sleeve, but you can also purchase them separately.


How To Buy A Penis Pump Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Buying a penis pump can be a very exciting experience when you realize the potential benefits it can provide you. While there are a lot of options and considerations to be made, it's not a difficult buying process and depends mostly on your preferences and circumstances.

If you have any questions about the penis pump buying process, feel free to email our team below!