Penis Pumping Warm Up Routines

Penis Pumping Warm Up Routines Infographic

What is a Penis Pumping Warmup Routine?

Penis pumping warm-up routines are gentle exercises you can do to prepare the penis and surrounding tissues for the pumping process. The purpose of warmups and pre-pump routines are to increase blood flow in the penis area, promote relaxation, soften and expand tissue, and prepare the muscles.

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Why are Penis Pumping Warmups Recommended?

Penis pumping is an intensive bodily exercise that exerts force and stress on your penis. Warming up, stretching, and preparing your penis for a pumping session is not only preferred but strongly recommended for a safe, comfortable and effective penis enlargement session.

Additionally, there are tough ligaments and tendons in your penis that prevent lengthening and expansion of the penis such as the tunica. Warmups help loosen and soften the tunica, which allows for greater length and girth expansion.

Always start with gentle and low-pressure routines and increase the pressure and duration of a session when you are comfortable. Read our Starter Penis Pump Routine here for beginners: Starter Penis Pump Routine.

Without further ado, let's dive into the various ways to optimize your penis pumping exercises with warm-up routines...

1. Heat

Heat is one of the best ways to warm up before a penis pumping session. It relaxes muscles, ligaments and tissues in the penis making them more malleable and responsive to stretching and expansion during pumping. Heat also increases blood flow throughout the penis by causing blood vessels to dilate, facilitating greater expansion and engorgement. In general, heat can enhance the effectiveness of penis enlargement by making the penis more pliable and promoting greater blood flow throughout a pumping session.

Warm Water

Taking a warm bath, a hot shower, or using a warm towel or cloth on your penis before a pumping session can be an easy way to apply heat prior to a pumping session. A water penis pump can already accomplish this by using warm water as the pumping medium.

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Electric Heating Pad

A low-heat electric heating pad can be used to both warm up your penis before a pumping session and to apply heat to the penis pump cylinder during a pumping session.

For warming up before a pumping session, simply place it over your penis for a few minutes before pumping to warm up the muscles, ligaments and tissues. You can also use it with a cloth if it is too hot.

Electric Heating Pad

Body Heat and Hands

Body heat or using your hands is also an effective way to warm up your penis before a pumping session. Going for a run or lifting weights before your pumping session will effectively increase blood flow and relax your body. You can also use your hands to warm up your penis.

2. Massage

Massaging your penis before a pumping session is another way to soften the tissues, increase blood flow, and relax your muscles.

Hand Massage

Using your hands to massage your penis is a great way to gently and manually relax your penile tissues. You can use circular motions with your thumbs, deeper pressure kneading motions, long strokes along the entire shaft of the penis, jelqing the shaft in a milking-motion, and gentle squeezes along the shaft.

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Massage Device

You can also use an electronic massager to massage your penis prior to pumping. A small handheld massager can be used on low setting and used to gently knead and loosen up the tissues and muscles in your penis. Some electronic massage have a heat option as well.

Gun Massager for Penis Pumping Warm Up


Rollers are small handheld rolling pins that can be used to roll, massage, and soften your penis prior to pumping. Simply perform long rolling strokes on the entire shaft of the penis from all angles (top, bottom, left, right) to make your penis more pliable and responsive to the pump.

Man Holding Smooth Roller Massager

3. Stretching

Stretching your penis prior to a pumping session helps prepare it for the elongation and girth increases that occur inside the cylinder. You can perform actual lengthening exercises such as hanging with weights or extending with a traction device.

Penis Extender Traction Device

Manual exercises done with your hands is also a great way to stretch your penis before pumping. Tightly grip your penis near the glans/head and stretch it in all directions such as up, down, left, right, and straight out. You can also stretch your penis and then rotate it similar to the hands of a clock in a 360 degree motion to hit every angle. Once your penis is stretched out, it'll be more malleable and responsive to the lengthening that can occur in the cylinder.

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4. Bends

Penis bending is a slightly more advanced warmup and enlargement exercise, but with a slow and safe approach, even new pumpers can do it.

Penis bends are exactly what they sound like - you are bending your penis at various points and different angles in order to soften and breakdown the tough ligaments and tendons in your penis to facilitate greater gains.

The penis should be 10-20% erect - so nowhere near fully erect, but not flaccid and limp either. Your penis should have a small amount of blood in it. Then you can bend your penis at various points on the shaft and at different angles. In the beginning you might want to start with just 90 degree angles so you are making "L" shapes with your penis, but as you get more comfortable you can do 180 degree angles so you are making "U" shapes with your penis.

5. Bundles/Twists

Bundles (a.k.a. twists) are also more advanced warmup and enlargement exercises that help soften and breakdown tough tendons and ligaments in the penis like the tunica that restrict enlargement.

Bundles are performed by simply twisting your penis in either a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Beginners can start with 180 degree twists where your penis is "facing you", and as you become more comfortable and your penis has adapted to the motion, you can do 360 degree twists where your penis is facing the same direction as it normally does, except it is fully rotated.

6. Combinations

As you become more experienced, you can combine some of these warmup exercises to achieve greater malleability of your penis. For example, there are bundled-bends where you are both twisting your penis and bending it, or bundled-stretches where you are both twisting your penis and stretching it.

7. Kegel / Reverse Kegel

Kegeling and reverse-kegeling are beneficial to do before penis pumping as a warm up because they increase blood flow to the penis, prepare and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and relax the body.

Kegeling is when you contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles, similar to what you do when you are peeing and you want to stop the flow of urine.

Reverse-kegeling is also when you relax and lengthen the pelvic floor muscles by pushing out, similar to what you do when you're trying to pass gas or force a pee out.

8. Lubricant

The last way that you can warm up your penis is to use a lubricant and jelq your penis to an erection. This will warm up your penis, increase blood flow, soften the tissues, and bring your penis to an erection, which is highly recommended before pumping. An erection is recommended before pumping so that you can enter the chamber fully erect, and your penis will be more responsive from the beginning of the session.

Pre-Pump Warmups Conclusion

Warmups are highly recommended for men who are new or experienced penis pumpers. They reduce discomfort and help prevent injury during a pumping session, which are big factors with penis enlargement. Once you feel discomfort during a pumping session, that will mark the beginning to the end of the session and can limit your gains. Likewise if you injure your penis during a pumping session like with bruising or scarring, you will have to rest your penis and take time off which will impact your training regimen.

In addition to reducing discomfort and preventing injury, warmups also facilitate growth and expansion. Relaxing your penis muscles, improving blood flow, breaking down tough ligaments and tendons, and expanding tissue will undoubtedly help your growth. In fact, many penis pumpers would agree that they hit plateaus if they aren't softening their penile ligaments, so it not only helps with growth but is necessary for continuous growth.

One of our main pillars here at PP Online is health and safety. If you approach penis pumping and enlargement in a methodical and safe way, results are almost guaranteed. 

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