About Water Penis Pumps

      Water penis pumps are vacuum devices used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) or for penis enlargement that use water as the pumping medium.

      Water Penis Pump Origins

      Water penis pumps are a relatively new addition to the pumping market. While original penis pumps used air as the pumping medium, innovators realized that water has many advantages that cannot be replicated by air.

      Water penis pumps were introduced into the market in the 2000's as manually-operated water-based vacuum pumps. Since then, the market for water penis pumps has grown significantly including electric-operated water-based penis pumps and dual water/air based penis pumps.

      Other Names for Water Penis Pumps

      There aren't many other names for a water penis pump, but the most commonly used other name is a hydro penis pump. Less common names include hydrotherapy pumps, water-based vacuum pumps, and aqua pumps.

      Water Penis Pump Materials

      Water penis pumps are made of materials suited for... water!

      The cylinder or tube is usually made of a polymer plastic: either acrylic, ABS plastic, or polycarbonate plastic. All three of these materials have similar properties making them ideal for the cylinder of a penis pump. They are strong for regular use, transparent for clear visibility of your penis while in the pump, and water/temperature resistant to be able to withstand warm or hot baths and be submerged into water. All of these plastics are also very lightweight and inexpensive.

      Hoses, connecting tubes, sealants, and sleeves are normally made of medical grade silicone which is soft, flexible, safe for skin contact, and excellent at sealing. They can be easily removed and cleaned after a session to maintain a sanitary pumping program.

      Manual pumping mechanisms on water penis pumps are typically made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel. Plastic and stainless steel provides a high level of versatility and durability for the moving parts of a mechanism like a lever or handle that needs to be repeatedly be pulled or squeezed. Plastic and stainless steel are also water resistant, lightweight, and inexpensive, making them ideal materials for a water penis pump.

      If the pumping mechanism is electric, the materials will vary. Electric pumping mechanisms in water penis pumps are made of typical electrical components, wires, circuit boards, and conductors, but they must be properly insulated and shielded from the water since electricity and water don't mix well. The electric motor and electrical components are typically houses in a waterproof enclosure, while wires are encased in rubber tubes. Openings and gaskets are sealed with silicone or rubber to prevent water from leaking in. The electric mechanism is also typically placed at the top of the penis pump, so you can comfortable perform a pumping session without getting the electrical part too wet or having it submerged in water.

      Water Penis Pump Products

      There aren't as many water penis pump products on the market compared to air penis pumps, but the selection is expanding as demand rises. Here are some of the top selling water penis pump products on the market today:

      1. Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump

      The hydro-powered water penis pump is a manual vacuum pump that utilized warm water and a squeeze ball mechanism to enlarge your penis, treat erectile dysfunction, and provide privacy and comfort while pumping. The hydro-powered water penis pump is a high-efficiency model utilizing tight-fitting gaskets and valves, strong durable materials, and a soft comfortable pad that rests against your body.

      2. Electric Water Penis Pump 3-Button LCD Display

      The electric water penis pump 3-button lcd display is a modern vacuum pump that is powerful, safe and extra comfortable for pumping. The pressure in the cylinder is measured and displayed on the LCD screen providing greater safety and accuracy for your pumping sessions, while the 3-button control panel allows for easy and effortless pumping.

      3. 4-Button Water Penis Pump

      The 4-button water penis pump is perfect for hydrotherapy and penis enlargement. Designed with 4 easy-to-use buttons, this hydro pump provides the user with extra control over the pumping session and greater safety. Add warm water and comfortably treat your erectile dysfunction or enhance the size of your penis.

      4. Electric Water Penis Pump with 4-Button LCD Display

      The highlights of this penis pump are its LCD display which provides accurate and safe pumping, its 4-button control panel which provides the user with greater supervision, and multiple pumping modes which allow the user to pump at different durations and intensities.