Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump
Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump

Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump Save 46%

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Pump Mechanism: Manual

Pump Medium: Water

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Feel more sexually confident, and develop a comfort and excitement around sex again with the Hydro-Powered Penis Pump, a safe penis enlargement device that will help you increase the girth and length of your penis through consistent and diligent training.

Most men are anxious and insecure about their penis size, and this leads to avoidance of intimate relationships, inability to get and maintain an erection in sexual situations, and just overall lower self esteem.

Regardless of whether these insecurities are based in reality, one thing is for sure - having a bigger penis helps.

You will notice your penis start to feel thicker and heavier after just your first use with the Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump. If not, return it within fifteen (15) days for a full refund.

With regular penis pumping training sessions, you will begin to see greater gains and cemented increases in your penis girth and length.

Hand Pump Advantages

Take your penis enlargement capabilities to the next level with the included ergonomic hand-pump, a manual squeeze-pump that allows you to steadily increase and safely control the suction and pressure of the device.

The hand pump allows the user to:

  1. Increase the pressure and suction inside the penis pump in a slow and steady manner.
  2. Control the pressure and suction inside the penis pump more safely with the hand pump.
  3. Pump more comfortably from any body position as long as your hand has access to the hand pump.
  4. Greater ability to monitor other areas of the penis pumping session without having to place a major focus on the pumping action.

How the Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump Works

The Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump is a simple yet revolutionary device that uses a combination of pressure and water to expand the size of your penis.

The pressure creates a suction around your penis, which draws blood into your shaft and increases the size of it - similar to how other muscles in your body like your biceps enlarge when working out. The water is the medium by which the device applies suction to your shaft, and allows the suction to be applied uniformly and gradually.

See why millions of men are taking their sexual prowess into their own hands and developing greater confidence inside and outside of the bedroom with a penis pump today.

Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump Materials

The Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump is molded from high-strength thick ABS plastic and durable silicone and rubber, and can withstand everyday wear and tear and regular penis pumping sessions. The materials are waterproof and will not rust or tarnish in the bathtub or over time.

Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump Sizes

The Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump comes in three (3) different sizes:

  1. 7.48" Cylinder: select if you are between 3" - 5" in erect length
  2. 8.66" Cylinder: select if you are between 5" - 7" in erect length
  3. 9.84" Cylinder: select if you are between 7" - 9" in erect length

Choose the cylinder that best corresponds to your erect length. If you are between sizes for example at a 5" in erect length, you should move up to the larger cylinder, as you should see some "newbie gains" in the beginning which will propel you into the greater length range right from the start.

Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump Features

  • Ergonomic Rubberized Hand-Pump for safe, controlled and gradual pumping
  • Ruler-Labeled Cylinder so you can accurately and safely track your measurements and progress while "in the pump"
  • Contoured-Comfort Seal which allows for a soft feel around the base of your penis and comfortable pumping session
  • Fast-Release Safety Valve to quickly release suction in the pump chamber if you are feeling uncomfortable
  • Hands-Free Convenience Strap to put around your shoulder, neck, or body to help hold the penis pump in place during sessions and allow your hands to be free

    How To Use The Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump

    1. Assemble the Hydro-Powered Water Penis Pump by inserting the Contoured-Comfort Seal into the penis pump, and attaching the safety valve, convenience strap, and hand pump to the top in that order.
    2. Preferably draw a bath so you are comfortable while sitting in the tub during the penis pumping session. You may also use this in the shower standing up, although using it in a bathtub will give you more control and comfort.
    3. Fill the chamber with water to top. Squeeze the hand pump a few times to fill the hand pump and tube with water, while still maintaining a filled chamber.
    4. Insert your penis into the chamber. Preferably enter the chamber with an erect penis.
    5. Attach the convenience strap to your shoulder, neck or body.
    6. Gently squeeze the rubberized hand pump to increase pressure and create a suction around your penis. Squeeze a few more times to create a strong suction and keep the pump pressure at that level.
    7. You should start to see your penis grow inside the chamber.

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