All Penis Pumps Collection Overview

      PPOnline is the #1 online retailer for penis pumps offering the largest collection of vacuum devices for penis enlargement and the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

      Our massive online penis pump collection comprises:

      • Manual penis pumps that are hand-operated vacuum devices including:
        • Pistol trigger pump mechanism
        • Ball/bulb/balloon pump mechanism
        • Pullable handle pump mechanism
      • Electric penis pumps that are electric-powered vacuum devices including
        • Smart technology control panels
        • LCD displays
        • Electric remote controls
        • Electric remote dials
      • Air penis pumps that use air as the pumping medium
      • Water penis pumps that use water as the pumping medium

      All Penis Pump Materials

      PPOnline sells over 25 different penis pumps that have various functionalities, pump mechanisms, and pumping mediums. Therefore our penis pumps are manufactured using many different materials such as:


      Plastic materials such as ABS, acrylic, and polycarbonate are the most commonly used material to manufacture penis pumps.

      All of our penis pump cylinders are made from acrylic or ABS plastic, known for their transparency, durability, and lightweight properties. Clear transparent cylinders allow the user to monitor their progress inside the chamber and observe the pumping action taking effect on their penis.

      Most pumping mechanisms are also made from plastic for their versatility and high-tensile strength. Manual pumping mechanisms like pistol triggers, squeezable bulbs, and pullable handles are made mostly from plastic, but even electric pumping mechanisms that utilize electrical circuits and wires, also use plastic casings to house the electrical components.

      Additionally, the pressure gauges on manual penis pumps are normally made of plastic, and some valves or connections are manufactured from plastic for its flexibility and attachment abilities.

      Silicone & Rubber

      Silicone and rubber are other materials that are widely used to manufacture penis pumps and penis pump accessories.

      Both silicone and rubber are soft flexible materials made from polymers that serve similar purposes in the production of penis pumps.

      Seals and gaskets are made from silicone or rubber due to its elastic form-fitting nature and ability to fill and seal openings.

      The hose that connects the pump mechanism to the pump cylinder is made of silicone and rubber due to its flexibility, to adapt and conform to any pumping position or setup.

      Lastly, silicone sleeves are made of silicone or rubber due to their soft cushiony textures and hypo-allergenic properties, since this piece comes into contact with the penis and body.