Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump
Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump

Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump

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The Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump is the most advanced manual penis enlargement device on the market today.

It boasts a plethora of convenience and safety features that make penis pumping easy and straightforward, even for a newbie pumper.

The Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump is highlighted by its squeeze trigger hand pump that is ergonomic and comfortable to use. It comes with an analog pressure gauge display that allows you to safely pump at your chosen pressures, and a quick-release safety valve to prevent injuries.

Start your pumping journey today, or upgrade your penis pump gear with the Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump, and start increasing the girth and length of your penis today.

Using The Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump

Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump is a simple yet effective device that uses a combination of pressure and air to expand the size of your penis.

When you squeeze the trigger on the hand pump it removes air from the chamber and increases the pressure inside the chamber. This creates a suction around your penis and draws blood into your shaft to increase the size of it - similar to how other muscles in your body like your biceps enlarge when working out.

The air is the medium by which the device applies suction to your shaft, and allows the suction to be applied uniformly and gradually. 


Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump is made of steel, rubber, silicone, acrylic, and hard plastic.

Penis Pump Cylinder Sizes:

  1. 1.75" Cylinder Diameter: select if you are between 3.5" - 4.5" in erect girth
  2. 2.00" Cylinder Diameter: select if you are between 4.5" - 5.75" in erect girth
  3. 2.25" Cylinder Diameter: select if you are between 5.75" - 7" in erect girth
  4. 2.50" Cylinder Diameter: select if you are between 7" - 8.5" in erect girth
  5. 3.00" Cylinder Diameter: select if you are above 8.5" in erect girth

Choose the cylinder that best corresponds to your erect length and girth.

If you are between sizes for example at a 4.5" in erect girth, you should move up to the next cylinder, as you should see some "newbie gains" in the beginning which will propel you into the greater size range right from the start.

Penis Pump Features

  • Ergonomic Squeeze Handle Pump for easy one-handed pumping
  • Pressure-Gauge Analog Display with precise Hg pressure readings for safety and consistency
  • Premium-Grade Acrylic Cylinder with 3 mm thick walls for durability and safety

How To Use The Ergonomic High-Efficiency Penis Pump

  1. Assemble the penis pump by attaching the squeeze handle to the hose and the hose to the cylinder.
  2. Add a silicone sleeve to the open end of the pump and apply a sealing agent like petroleum jelly or lotion.
  3. Place the open end around the base of your penis.
  4. Begin the pumping session by squeezing the handle to remove air and increase suction in the chamber.
  5. Perform exercise for 5-10 minutes per session and 3 sessions per day.

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