Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A)
Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A)
Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A)
Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A)

Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A) Save 33%

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Pump Mechanism: Electric

Pump Medium: Air

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Press the button on the LCD control panel, and feel your penis start to enlarge right in front of your eyes.

The Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A) with LCD Intelligent Control Panel is one of the most effective, convenient, and safe penis pumps to help you increase the girth and length of your penis.

Powered by an electric motorized pump that automatically creates suction with the press of a button, the Electro-Tech Penis Pump makes enlarging your penis easier and more convenient than ever before.

The Electric Penis Pump has an Intelligent LCD display that allows you to see the exact pressure inside the pump to facilitate safe pumping and methodical training. The smart device also features two (2) settings that help you pump to reach your goals.

Intelligent Modes

Mode 1

The first mode is manual which means you press the button to activate the pump, remove air in the cylinder, and increase the pressure and suction. Press the button again to deactivate the pump from removing air from the cylinder.

Mode 2

The second mode is automatic which means you press the button, and the electric pump automatically removes air from the cylinder until a certain pressure level is reached, and then shuts off. If the pressure inside the pump drops below the set pressure level, the pump will automatically increase the pressure back up to the specified level.

*The pump also has an emergency pressure-release button that will instantaneously release all pressure in the tube for safety reasons if you're feeling uncomfortable.

Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A) Materials

The Electric Air Penis Pump comprises a pumping device, chamber, and sealing ring.

The pumping device is made of plastic and metal, the cylinder is made of acrylic, and the sealing ring is made of silicone.

Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A) Advantages

  • Electronic pump allows for easy and automated training
  • LCD screen facilitates safe and measurable pumping
  • USB-rechargeable electronic pump saves money on batteries and
  • Quick-release safety button prevents injuries
  • Pre-set automatic pumping allows for hands-free training

How to Use the Electric Air Penis Pump (Series A)

  1. Charge the electronic pump device overnight with the included USB cable to ensure full battery.
  2. Assemble the Electric Air Penis Pump by attaching the electronic pump device to the top of the cylinder.
  3. Attach the silicone sealing ring to the bottom of the open chamber (the opposite end that the pump device is on).
  4. Apply some Vaseline or lotion to the face of the sealing ring for stronger sealing of the pump around the penis.
  5. Insert your penis into the middle of the chamber with the sealing ring pressed against the base of your pelvis.
  6. Press the on button for the pumping device to start removing air from the chamber and increasing pressure.
  7. Wait until your body is used to the device before you start pumping with higher pressures.
  8. After use, clean the sealing ring, cylinder chamber, and pumping device with a cloth with all purpose cleaner to remove any residue and germs.


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