Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E)
Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E)
Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E)

Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E)

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Water pumping is one of the newest advances in the penis enlargement world due to its privacy, effectiveness, and comfortable experience, and the Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E) comes fully equipped to meet all of your water penis pumping needs.

Privacy can be a big concern if you live with parents, children, roommates, or a significant other, and the best place for some men to pump is in a locked bathroom where they have the guise of washing up or getting ready. While traditional air penis pumps shouldn't be brought into the shower or get water on them, water penis pumps are outfitted with waterproof materials. The Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E) has an IPX7 waterproof rating and can be submerged into up to 3.3 feet deep water for up to 30 minutes without damage.

This modern pump features a smart LCD-display that shows you the exact pressure being applied on your penis for accuracy and safety. The electric control panel is outfitted with four (4) buttons for power on/off, toggle pumping mode, increase pressure, and decrease pressure. The smart device comes with four (4) pre-programmed pressure levels that it can pump to and maintain for hands-free pumping, as well as three (3) different interval pumping modes for different types of training sessions. Its powered by a USB magnetic charging cable that comes with the device.

Water penis pumping has also gained popularity because of how water, and more specifically warm water, helps with the pumping process and provides a more comfortable experience. Water as the medium for pumping distributes the pressure on your penis in a more evenly, reducing localized pressure points, increasing comfort and producing more uniform results. Warm water also helps to relax muscles, increase blood flow in the penis region, and make the entire experience more soothing and pleasant.

Overall, while there are downsides to water penis pumping like requiring charging and needing extra time for preparation and post-cleanup, owning and using a water penis pump can be an important step in achieving your penis enlargement goals. We recommend that you have both an air pump and a water pump so that you can enlarge your penis in any situation and under any circumstances.


Cylinder: Acrylic

Smart LCD Display Control Panel: ABS Plastic and Electrical Circuitry

Cylinder Sleeves: Medical Grade Silicone


Cylinder Length: 7.8" Inches

Cylinder Diameter: 2.5" Inches


Power Source: Magnetic USB-Rechargeable Battery (Cable Included)

Waterproof Rating: IPX7

Charging Time: 2.5 Hours

Battery Life: 2-2.5 Hours

Noise Level: Less than 60 dB

Package Components: Electric Water Penis Pump (Series E), Two (2) Silicone Cylinder Sleeves

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